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The discordant thoughts of Rick Beckman, blogger, ex-Christian, father, husband, and geek.

  • Room Enough to Grow: What Made Me an Atheist?

    This question came to me from my girlfriend Meagan on this past Ask an Atheist Day (April 14): What made me seek out atheism as my identity? It’s a good question; for the decade prior to becoming an atheist, I was a “washed in the blood” Christian with a “the fool says in his heart, […]

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  • Our Day Out

    Oh man, what a week it’s been, and it’s only Tuesday! The fun began on Saturday, with my wife Jade and I taking the whole day together to celebrate her birthday. Well, I won’t say the whole day; we both slept in, but she let me sleep until well past noon. Whoopsie. A little later […]

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  • A Sick Day Spent in Final Fantasy VII Nostalgia

    Ugh. Just ugh. I’ve been fighting a sore throat and sinus drainage thing this week, and today, I was feverish when I woke up so I stayed home from work. I hated to do that as I have this coming Saturday off anyway, but I also wanted to give myself a chance to just recover […]

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  • A Banner Year for the Beckmans.

    I trust you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, if you celebrated it. I spent the day at work, but my loverly wife Jade and I found time beforehand — well, during her lunch break — to go out for lunch at a newer restaurant here in town. I ordered a club sandwich, and it was […]

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  • What Is There to Say?

    What is there to say? I think about writing a lot. I read my old posts, reflect upon all of the changes in outlook I’ve had since writing them. When I do think of something to say, I dump it into an all-too-often hastily written Facebook post, then I call it a day. Facebook “markets” […]

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  • I’m Still Here

    I am not, though, altogether sure what here is or what here should be. Of course, that’s always been true; a cursory foray into the archives here will reveal that. Part of me wants to scrap what is past and start anew, but every time I have done that — at least a dozen times across various […]

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  • A Requiem

    I’m coming up quick on my fifteenth anniversary of working at Walmart, along with only one other member of my hire-in group. I started out that journey working in the grocery department, which at my store consisted of three aisles containing some pop, water, soups, cereals, candy, coffee, snacks, and little else. It wasn’t a […]

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  • Just…


    Sometimes I wonder why I use the bookmarks feature of any web browser. Aside from keeping a list of quick-access websites in my bookmarks bar, any other bookmarks end up in a folder with hundreds of other sites which I’ll likely never actually get back to. I thought I’d do a bit of curating of my […]

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  • Christmas 2017 Leads to Science!

    Christmas 2017 Leads to Science!

    The earliest bits of this website date to 2003, fifteen years ago. That’s nearly half of my life! I keep telling myself that I need to tend to this site (currently called Dammit, Rick!, but who knows what it’ll be called next time I post here), but for the past few years, I’ve been objectively lax […]

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  • Refusing to Remain Silent

    Testing, testing. Is this thing on? It probably isn’t, but here I am anyway. A lot has happened over the course of the year since I last wrote here. My wife Jade and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary this month, not with fancy gifts but with several special dates over the course of this […]

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