A Banner Year for the Beckmans.

I trust you had a won­der­ful Valen­tine’s Day, if you cel­e­brat­ed it. I spent the day at work, but my lover­ly wife Jade and I found time before­hand — well, dur­ing her lunch break — to go out for lunch at a new­er restau­rant here in town. I ordered a club sand­wich, and it was an absolute unit of a sand­wich; it was as thick as my face is tall!

Lat­er in the day, this time on my lunch break, I came home to Jade hav­ing made a com­plete­ly sur­prise steak din­ner. Two per­fect­ly mar­i­nat­ed and cooked steaks, mashed pota­toes (world’s best side dish — and dis­ap­point­ing­ly absent from most local restau­rants’ sides menus), and cream corn. Well, I say “sur­prise” din­ner, but Jade point­ed out that she always makes me steak on Valen­tine’s Day. I— I’m not the great­est with tra­di­tions, I suppose.

I often don’t express it well enough, but I am real­ly for­tu­nate to have Jade in my life. Suf­fice to say, when we first start­ed see­ing each oth­er in 2013, my per­son­al life was, well, mixed up. I joke about it now by say­ing that I tum­bled through a mid-life cri­sis a bit ear­li­er than expected. 

Flash for­ward to this year, and we have vic­to­ries like hav­ing recent­ly pur­chased our sec­ond car togeth­er — and the first in both of our names. They’re both 2014s, and nat­u­ral­ly, mine’s all decked out in Star Trek gear.

We have fam­i­ly vaca­tions on the dock­et; well, specif­i­cal­ly, we’re plan­ning to go to Myr­tle Beach this sum­mer, and lat­er in the fall, we hope, my daugh­ter will get to accom­pa­ny Jade on a Girl Scouts cruise. 

With so much going right, I find myself won­der­ing what else I can improve upon. Is it enough that life improves around me? Well… No. I should be chang­ing too, ever work­ing to bet­ter myself.

By way of exam­ple, for a peri­od of a few weeks ear­li­er this win­ter, I gave up eat­ing most beef. I’ve eat­en it a bit more fre­quent­ly recent­ly — I’m not going to turn down my wife’s amaz­ing steaks! — but I fre­quent­ly for­get that if I am eat­ing meats, beef or oth­er­wise, I should do so with grat­i­tude, not toward any god but instead for the creature(s) which died so that I might eat. Hav­ing such an atti­tude, I think, would call to mind as often as I eat the sac­ri­fice of life made of some crea­tures so that oth­ers high­er up the food chain, like me, might eat, and that oft reminder could result in a reduc­tion of the amount of meat I eat.

I’m going to study more. I set up an account with Khan Acad­e­my; from math to biol­o­gy, health to physics, I hope to broad­en my under­stand­ing. I also set my kid­do up with an account — they have math class­es for kids as young as 3–5!

I will work on mind­ful­ness and med­i­ta­tion, if only for the clear­head­ed­ness that this can help promote. 

I’m even think­ing about going to the gym with my wife, who’s been ask­ing me to go for some time now.

Basi­cal­ly, I want this year to be a year of bet­ter­ing myself, of cre­at­ing habits that not only ener­gize my life but which also strength­ens my family. 

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