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Do You Need God to Be Good?

With­out God, peo­ple are free to rape, mur­der, steal, and cause all the destruc­tion that they want… right? That is what some apol­o­gists believe, that with­out God, there is no good­ness. But what is the good? And can it be attained with­out God’s help?

A Finely Tuned Universe? Not From Our Perspective

In part 1 of my response to Zac Sech­ler’s 36 Ques­tions for Athe­ists, we looked at the very basic, most fun­da­men­tal ques­tion of why there is some­thing rather than noth­ing and how that relates to whether the uni­verse is eter­nal or if a cre­ator deity is respon­si­ble for its exis­tence.  I had no prob­lem admitting …

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Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

What feels like a life­time ago, I was intro­duced to the con­cept of lengthy lists of ques­tions intend­ed to catch mem­bers of an oppos­ing view­point or world­view off guard or get them think­ing about what they believe in per­haps a dif­fer­ent man­ner. The ear­li­est list I can recall was Hard Nuts for Catholic Apol­o­gists, a …

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Room Enough to Grow: What Made Me an Atheist?

This ques­tion came to me from my girl­friend Mea­gan on this past Ask an Athe­ist Day (April 14): What made me seek out athe­ism as my iden­ti­ty? It’s a good ques­tion; for the decade pri­or to becom­ing an athe­ist, I was a “washed in the blood” Chris­t­ian with a “the fool says in his heart, …

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