Chris­tian­i­ty is old. Real­ly old. Near­ly 2,000 years old, actu­al­ly. In that time, Chris­tians have added to and changed their reli­gion to it an ever-chang­ing soci­etal landscape.

When I was a Chris­t­ian, I resolved myself to believe what­so­ev­er the Bible said, and that lim­it­ed scope of belief led to real­iza­tions con­cern­ing a vari­ety of doc­trines, or teach­ings, which are com­mon­ly tak­en entire­ly for granted.

These top­ics weren’t insignif­i­cant either; includ­ed among them were mar­riage, Satan, church, and more.

All of these changes drift­ed Chris­tian­i­ty away from the form it took when it was first cre­at­ed all those years ago, but even in that peri­od of gen­e­sis (no, not that Gen­e­sis) there were issues which sep­a­rat­ed the reli­gion from reality.

What I hope to pro­duce here, like­ly far too slow­ly for any­one’s tastes, could be thought of as a refor­ma­tive the­ol­o­gy of var­i­ous Chris­t­ian top­ics while also serv­ing as an anti-apolo­getic serv­ing to show that Chris­tian­i­ty is, in fact, mythology.

Rick Beckman