Christianity is old. Really old. Nearly 2,000 years old, actually. In that time, Christians have added to and changed their religion to it an ever-changing societal landscape.

When I was a Christian, I resolved myself to believe whatsoever the Bible said, and that limited scope of belief led to realizations concerning a variety of doctrines, or teachings, which are commonly taken entirely for granted.

These topics weren’t insignificant either; included among them were marriage, Satan, church, and more.

All of these changes drifted Christianity away from the form it took when it was first created all those years ago, but even in that period of genesis (no, not that Genesis) there were issues which separated the religion from reality.

What I hope to produce here, likely far too slowly for anyone’s tastes, could be thought of as a reformative theology of various Christian topics while also serving as an anti-apologetic serving to show that Christianity is, in fact, mythology.

the Rick Beckman archive
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