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Rick Beckman

Atheist theologian. Believing unbeliever.
A friendly voice between two extremes.

Once a Christian ✞

Formerly a Baptist, I came to appreciate the Bible apart from the narrow confines of denominational creed.

Then an Atheist Ⓐ

My Christian beliefs all but melted away one night in 2010, and I became as evangelical an atheist as I was a Christian.

Now Somewhere in the Middle ↗

I’m tired of the hate and misunderstandings on both sides. I want to be better than I once was, and I hope you’ll join me on that journey.

Aug. 2001



In the middle of the night, in a van, led by my closest friends, I dedicated myself to Jesus Christ.

Oct. 2010


In the midst of a Bible study, my faith melted away. Shortly thereafter, I would call myself an atheist.

June. 2014


In order to support “gay marriage” in Indiana as it became legal for the first time, I became ordained in the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

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