Looking to stay up-to-date with what’s written here at the Rick Beckman archive? There are a few ways to do so!

Instant notification email subscription

For instant access to all new content, you can subscribe via email.

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You can also choose to follow individual posts’ conversations via their comment forms.

Delayed gratification via syndication feed

You can also subscribe using syndication feeds which will update as quickly as your preferred subscriptions manager updates. If you’re new to syndication feeds, I recommend using NewsBlur, and you can subscribe to any of the following feeds that you want.

Primary feeds

  • Primary feed — you’ll be notified whenever there is new content of any kind
  • Comments feed — you’ll be notified whenever there is a new comment made on any post here

Secondary feeds

Every category or tag can be subscribed to. Every post’s comments can be subscribed to individually. Basically, wherever you are on the site, if you tack feed/ onto the end of the address, you’ll arrive at some sort of syndication feed. Experiment, and subscribe only to the content that you want!

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