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You can also sub­scribe using syn­di­ca­tion feeds which will update as quick­ly as your pre­ferred sub­scrip­tions man­ag­er updates. If you’re new to syn­di­ca­tion feeds, I rec­om­mend using News­Blur, and you can sub­scribe to any of the fol­low­ing feeds that you want.

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Secondary feeds

Every cat­e­go­ry or tag can be sub­scribed to. Every post’s com­ments can be sub­scribed to indi­vid­u­al­ly. Basi­cal­ly, wher­ev­er you are on the site, if you tack feed/ onto the end of the address, you’ll arrive at some sort of syn­di­ca­tion feed. Exper­i­ment, and sub­scribe only to the con­tent that you want!

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