Arguments Atheists Should Not Use

I have lit­tle doubt that athe­ists are right about the whole god thing, name­ly that there is no evi­dence for any deity or is oth­er­wise no rea­son to believe in one.

That said, athe­ists can be and in fact can be often wrong in how they express their lack of belief, espe­cial­ly in how they approach or engage those who pos­sess the­is­tic beliefs.

By doing this, these athe­ists weak­en our case and present an oppor­tu­ni­ty for the­ists to call out the weak­ness of athe­is­m’s argu­ments. Giv­en how much bag­gage athe­ism is already weighed down with, express­ing our mes­sage of unbe­lief with an eye to detail, a mind for ratio­nal­i­ty, and a voice of clar­i­ty is quite prudent.

Below, I’ll be shar­ing real argu­ments used by real athe­ists which I don’t con­sid­er to be good argu­ments in favor of athe­ism or against the­ism. I would encour­age any athe­ist inter­est­ed in argu­ing in favor of athe­ism to famil­iar­ize their self with these argu­ments so that they can elim­i­nate them from their reper­toire. Athe­ism is already stig­ma­tized enough; we don’t need to give those antag­o­nis­tic toward it an eas­i­er job with their criticisms.

Do you know of any bad argu­ments put forth by athe­ists? Share them below!

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