Arguments Atheists Should Not Use

I have little doubt that atheists are right about the whole god thing, namely that there is no evidence for any deity or is otherwise no reason to believe in one.

That said, atheists can be and in fact can be often wrong in how they express their lack of belief, especially in how they approach or engage those who possess theistic beliefs.

By doing this, these atheists weaken our case and present an opportunity for theists to call out the weakness of atheism’s arguments. Given how much baggage atheism is already weighed down with, expressing our message of unbelief with an eye to detail, a mind for rationality, and a voice of clarity is quite prudent.

Below, I’ll be sharing real arguments used by real atheists which I don’t consider to be good arguments in favor of atheism or against theism. I would encourage any atheist interested in arguing in favor of atheism to familiarize their self with these arguments so that they can eliminate them from their repertoire. Atheism is already stigmatized enough; we don’t need to give those antagonistic toward it an easier job with their criticisms.

Do you know of any bad arguments put forth by atheists? Share them below!

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