“Current” Projects

OpenHook was a project born of wanting to make customizing the Thesis theme as easy as possible. It has since grown to allow easy customization of hundreds of WordPress themes, while also providing some useful shortcodes. And it still works great with Thesis!

Out-dated Projects

Thesis Compatibility Suite
Users of the incredible Thesis WordPress Theme Framework will undoubtedly want whatever plugins they are using to look slamming within their Thesis-powered site. I don’t blame them, and to help them out, I’m releasing the Thesis Compatibility Suite to help them out. I know it works — I’m using it here!
Results Count Remix
A simple plugin which can be used to add meta information about how many posts are available to search results and archives. Optimized for the Thesis theme framework!
Raven’s Antispam
Raven’s Antispam is a modification for phpBB 2.0.x which will put a stop to automated spam. Isn’t it time you start enjoying running your board? You will no longer have to deal with spam bots!

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