Comment Policy

Let me say up front that I love that blog soft­ware makes it so easy for read­ers to pro­vide feed­back on con­tent. I enjoy the con­ver­sa­tion. That said, in order to pro­vide a more enjoy­able atmos­phere for every­one, I ask that any­one who com­ments does so keep­ing the fol­low­ing in mind:


  1. Do use your real name, ini­tials, or a nick­name in the “name” field. Iden­ti­ty aids in trust, which enhances the conversation.
  2. Do use the “web­site” field, prefer­ably link­ing to your per­son­al web­site or social profile.
  3. Do share links that are rel­e­vant to the conversation.
  4. Do be kind to others.
  5. Do have fun and enjoy the conversation!
  1. Do not spam. Seri­ous­ly, I delete spam. With­out remorse.
  2. Do not use your web­site name, busi­ness name, or key­words in the “name” field. That smells spam­my. See above.
  3. Do not use explic­it lan­guage (whether vul­gar, sex­u­al, or oth­er­wise) so that peo­ple of all ages may read here with­out worry.
  4. Do not include irrel­e­vant links in com­ments. This also smells spammy.
  5. Do not engage in debate by let­ting a link else­where be your argu­ment or by copy and past­ing long expo­si­tions into your com­ment. Be orig­i­nal and explain your arguments.
  6. Do not use throw­away or oth­er­wise fake e‑mail address­es. E‑mail address­es are nev­er released pub­licly, so you have no rea­son not to use your real address.

And I reserve the right to…

  1. Delete com­ments which egre­gious­ly vio­late the “do nots.”
  2. Edit com­ments to fix bro­ken markup, to remove mate­r­i­al which vio­lates the “do nots” (such as explic­it con­tent), and to pre­vent future com­ments from repeat offenders.

All links with­in com­ments on King­domGeek receive the nofollow micro­for­mat, so please do not post com­ments just to increase your stand­ing with Google. That won’t get you far here.

Rick Beckman