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Let me say up front that I love that blog software makes it so easy for readers to provide feedback on content. I enjoy the conversation. That said, in order to provide a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone, I ask that anyone who comments does so keeping the following in mind:


  1. Do use your real name, initials, or a nickname in the “name” field. Identity aids in trust, which enhances the conversation.
  2. Do use the “website” field, preferably linking to your personal website or social profile.
  3. Do share links that are relevant to the conversation.
  4. Do be kind to others.
  5. Do have fun and enjoy the conversation!
  1. Do not spam. Seriously, I delete spam. Without remorse.
  2. Do not use your website name, business name, or keywords in the “name” field. That smells spammy. See above.
  3. Do not use explicit language (whether vulgar, sexual, or otherwise) so that people of all ages may read here without worry.
  4. Do not include irrelevant links in comments. This also smells spammy.
  5. Do not engage in debate by letting a link elsewhere be your argument or by copy and pasting long expositions into your comment. Be original and explain your arguments.
  6. Do not use throwaway or otherwise fake e-mail addresses. E-mail addresses are never released publicly, so you have no reason not to use your real address.

And I reserve the right to…

  1. Delete comments which egregiously violate the “do nots.”
  2. Edit comments to fix broken markup, to remove material which violates the “do nots” (such as explicit content), and to prevent future comments from repeat offenders.

All links within comments on KingdomGeek receive the nofollow microformat, so please do not post comments just to increase your standing with Google. That won’t get you far here.

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