Ubiquity for Kingdom Geek

If you haven’t heard of Ubiquity for Firefox, you’re missing out. I’m very impressed with what it can do despite how simple it seemingly is.

I can’t explain Ubiquity any better than their page and introductory video already do, so I won’t try. I will say, though, that Ubiquity not only makes the Web quite a bit more usable, it’s also fairly simple to extend.

Admittedly, I made use of code seen at Desiring God, but I was able to set up a Ubiquity command — kg-search — which you can subscribe to by visiting my home page with Ubiquity installed. With that command, you can easily search Kingdom Geek from wherever you are on the Web.

(Though I wouldn’t be surprised if the users who get the most use out of this are Thesis users looking for a specific Web tip or trick I’ve posted. :)

In any event, Ubiquity is a neat tool. Check it out!

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