The World’s Most User-Friendly WordPress Theme Just Got Friendlier

I am proud to announce the release of version 1.2 of the incomparable WordPress theme Thesis!

Version 1.2 has been dubbed by Chris the “user-friendly version.” I prefer to think of it as Thesis 1.2, the “KingdomGeek got to dip his finger into the code” edition.

In addition to my work supporting Thesis, Chris has allowed me to grow in my role by contributing custom code to the core itself. I won’t point out which things I did — most of them are minor and may only be appreciated by me, actually — but I am very pleased to announce that 1.2 resolves issues with using custom images in the multimedia box on Dreamhost and other hosts which limit upon which images getimagesize() works.

What’s new in 1.2?

I wrote this announcement based on 2 or 3 day old code. In that brief time, several features sneaked into the release: customize avatar size, optionally display comment number, ability to specify links on rotator images, ability to make author names link to author archives, ability to add “nofollow” to the aforementioned author archive links, and likely several more I may have missed!

In no particular order, here are some of the new features! Many of these were added as a direct result of feedback from users on the support forums, and I can attest that these new features will fulfill a lot of user desire.

Note that all of these features are handled via Thesis’ control panel — no code mongering required!

  • Ability to show Comments # in post/page bylines.
  • Ability to show post categories.
  • Ability to disable comments on all pages — comments on pages are no longer decided by using specific template files!
  • Optional older/newer post navigation on single post views.
  • Control over whether archive views show post titles, post contents, or post excerpts.
  • Ability to add a “nofollow” attribute not only to tag links but also to tag archives.
  • Ability to show edit links on posts and comments (for site admins, not for commenters).
  • Ability to show tags on individual pages or on index/archive pages or both.
  • Ability to show an admin link in the footer of your page all the time, only for logged in users, or never.

In addition to all those new options, there is a new custom field which you can use to set custom descriptions on posts and pages, which will be output in the meta section of your header!

There are numerous other changes under the hood — consolidation of certain theme content, better search engine optimization, and more!

What are you waiting for? Get it!

Thesis WordPress Theme

Disclosure: Links to Thesis and DIYthemes in this post are affiliate links; I also work for DIYthemes.

10 thoughts on “The World’s Most User-Friendly WordPress Theme Just Got Friendlier”

  1. awesome !!! so you are part of thesis team… :) good good .. and to work with someone like Chris, is simple awesome !!

    I am playing with his themes and trying to learn : hmm I edited copyblogger theme lately, have a look and give some feedback :)

  2. Thanks for the announcement, Rick. It’s good to see that Chris let you get your feet wet working on the code. Watch out, though – it can be addicting. Next thing you know, you’ll be spending all your time coding. :-)

  3. Just downloaded and updated — still have a lot to learn about all of thesis’ capabilities, but it’s been worth every penny so far. Really impressed.

    And now I have my edit button!

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