Political Rumormongers Should Get Snopesed

I‘ve long been a proponent of the idea that Snopes.com should be required reading prior to forwarding chain letters in email, instant messenger, and so on.

Now, it should also be required reading for politicians, the media, bloggers, and anyone else talking about politics. I’ve heard more than one person criticize Barack Obama for refusing to make public his birth certificate because it would reveal him to have been born outside of America. Likewise, I’ve heard more than one person criticize Sarah Palin for bearing a rifle while bikini-clad with other gun lovers.

Turns out, unsurprisingly, both of those rumors are untrue.

Want to find out what else may or may not be true?

4 thoughts on “Political Rumormongers Should Get Snopesed”

  1. Also the earth is flat and we didn’t land on the moon…I know this for a fact because I read it in my emails. BTW, I just forwarded you some emails about the government blowing up the twin towers and flying a missile into the Pentagon, Princess Di being killed by the Queen, Elvis being sighted with Michael Jackson at a backwater cafe, and some kind of strange fungus that turns blood to powder–having hitchhiked a ride to earth on the shuttle Columbia when it burned up on its re-entry from space. They even have the phone numbers of the witnesses at the end of the emails–proving they are true.

    Oh, and if you don’t forward the emails to at least 5 other friends, you will lose all your money and develop a lethal case of jock itch.

    1. “and some kind of strange fungus that turns blood to powder”

      Sounds suspiciously like “The Andromeda Strain”.

      The book says “novel” right on the cover.

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