Political Rumormongers Should Get Snopesed

I’ve long been a pro­po­nent of the idea that Snopes.com should be required read­ing pri­or to for­ward­ing chain let­ters in email, instant mes­sen­ger, and so on.

Now, it should also be required read­ing for politi­cians, the media, blog­gers, and any­one else talk­ing about pol­i­tics. I’ve heard more than one per­son crit­i­cize Barack Oba­ma for refus­ing to make pub­lic his birth cer­tifi­cate because it would reveal him to have been born out­side of Amer­i­ca. Like­wise, I’ve heard more than one per­son crit­i­cize Sarah Palin for bear­ing a rifle while biki­ni-clad with oth­er gun lovers.

Turns out, unsur­pris­ing­ly, both of those rumors are untrue.

Want to find out what else may or may not be true?

4 thoughts on “Political Rumormongers Should Get Snopesed”

  1. Also the earth is flat and we did­n’t land on the moon…I know this for a fact because I read it in my emails. BTW, I just for­ward­ed you some emails about the gov­ern­ment blow­ing up the twin tow­ers and fly­ing a mis­sile into the Pen­ta­gon, Princess Di being killed by the Queen, Elvis being sight­ed with Michael Jack­son at a back­wa­ter café, and some kind of strange fun­gus that turns blood to powder–having hitch­hiked a ride to earth on the shut­tle Colum­bia when it burned up on its re-entry from space. They even have the phone num­bers of the wit­ness­es at the end of the emails–proving they are true.

    Oh, and if you don’t for­ward the emails to at least 5 oth­er friends, you will lose all your mon­ey and devel­op a lethal case of jock itch.

    1. “and some kind of strange fun­gus that turns blood to powder”

      Sounds sus­pi­cious­ly like “The Androm­e­da Strain”.

      The book says “nov­el” right on the cover.

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