Network Woes

Without letting Apple Geniuses or Geek Squad techs touch our computers, is there anybody out there who knows how I can get my computer (Mac OS X 10.5.4) and my wife’s computer (Windows Vista Home) to recognize each other on our wireless network so that we can arbitrarily share whatever folders we want with each other?

That was more or less trivial when I had Windows XP Professional and she had Windows XP Home, but now that we’re both using presumably better operating systems, the task seems a bit insurmountable.

At this point, I still can’t see her computer (or any network locations) in Finder on my computer, but she is able to see my computer from hers. She can even go into the two different default shared folders (one for each of our accounts) on my computer from hers. However, she is unable to access the dropbox in either shared folder.

I know Apple and Microsoft are antagonistic toward one another, but this is ridiculous.

(Oh, and please don’t refer me to Apple’s support site; I’ve read article after article on there to no avail. ;)

4 thoughts on “Network Woes”

  1. You will need three things to get your network running smoothly again:

    Your Apple computer, a hard surface, and a sledgehammer. :o

    (if a sledgehammer is not available, you can replace it with eight flights of stairs) :P

    See? And I didn’t even refer you to the Apple support site.

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