Know Enough about Obama?

Shared for your consideration… “Do you know enough to elect Barack Obama?” Saw first on Chester Street.

The question of “What fellowship has light with darkness?” doesn’t apply if both parties are of the same camp; decide for yourselves into which camp Obama falls.

5 thoughts on “Know Enough about Obama?”

  1. From Wikipedia:

    Ayers is currently a Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education. His interests include teaching for social justice, urban educational reform, narrative and interpretive research, children in trouble with the law, and related issues.[24]

    He began his career in primary education while an undergraduate, teaching at the Children’s Community School (CCS), a project founded by a group of students and based on the Summerhill method of education.[25] After leaving the underground, he earned an M.Ed from Bank Street College in Early Childhood Education (1984), an M.Ed from Teachers College, Columbia University in Early Childhood Education (1987) and an Ed.D from Columbia University in Curriculum and Instruction (1987).[24]

    He has edited and written many books and articles on education theory, policy and practice, and has appeared on many panels and symposia.

    Civic and political life

    Ayers was tapped by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley to help found the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a school reform program.[26] Since 1999 he has served on the board of directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago, an anti-poverty, philanthropic foundation established in 1941. Ayers’ contacts with the 2008 Democratic Nominee for President of the United States, Barack Obama became controversial in the 2008 United States presidential election. The two served together on the Woods Fund Board from 1999 until Obama left in 2002. Ayers had other contacts with Obama as a resident of Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, including hosting a candidate reception attended by Obama early in Obama’s first Illinois state Senate campaign in 1995, appearing on education panels together, and donating $200 to Obama’s campaign in April 2001.[27] [28]

  2. Senior: The article also says he doesn’t consider his past actions all that bad.

    “but the question of did we do something that was horrendous, awful? … I don’t think so.”

    Seems to me the video clip stands as valid, regardless of whatever his activity has been since then.

  3. Ayers isn’t running. I would have to see a lot more evidence of friendship between Obama and Ayers before I’d condemn Obama for what Ayers thinks.

    They are (were) both professors in Chicago. They were both active in local politics. Even the city of Chicago is a small world. An association was inevitable.

    Feel free to not vote for Obama.

    But keep in mind that in Indiana, a vote for anyone else (or a non vote) is the same as a vote for McCain. It is not beyond the pale that Obama failing to win Indiana could be the difference in the outcome.

    McCain (among other flaws) is a war monger. If McCain had been President in the last thirty days or so, we would now be at war with Russia.

    I think we should get the last unnecessary war of choice finished with before we start up anymore unnecessary wars of choice.

    Regarding Whiskey’s video, I’m not 100% convinced that he was stating his own understanding of scripture. Just as easily he might have been giving examples of what some people might understand. His point being, if we run the government by what’s in scripture, who’s understanding of scripture should we be using? We have enough difficulty understanding what the constitution means.

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