Problem Verses

I sub­mit that there are no “prob­lem vers­es” with­in the Scrip­tures but only prob­lem inter­pre­ta­tions thereof.

That is all for now.






2 responses to “Problem Verses”

  1. Walt Dickinson Avatar
    Walt Dickinson

    That does­n’t com­fort me too much, Rick. Who’s to say my inter­pre­ta­tion is right? Who’s to say yours is right? Maybe the Catholics have a bet­ter inter­pre­ta­tion, or the Jeho­vah’s Wit­ness­es, or the Quak­ers, or… or… or… etc., etc., ad infini­tum, ad infinitum.

    You could say the Reformed inter­pre­ta­tion is the one that fol­lows clos­est to what the Bible says, but that is only an opin­ion, which in fact is damn near cir­cu­lar at best, since the Reformed inter­pre­ta­tion would only match a, well, Reformed inter­pre­ta­tion of the Bible.

    You could say the Reformed view is more supe­ri­or because it is most log­i­cal, but since when has log­ic been the per­fect deter­min­er of truth and error? There are many things in the Bible itself that go against logic*.

    Or you could argue, as some are known to do, that the Holy Spir­it helps you in inter­pret­ing the Bible. But that is a claim every sect makes, whether Pen­te­costal, Catholic, Bap­tist, or what­ev­er have you.

    In the end, all you can real­ly trust in is your inter­pre­ta­tion, and hope it con­curs with what God real­ly said. So real­ly, you’re not trust­ing in God, but your inter­pre­ta­tion of God. That’s an inter­est­ing idea I’ve just stum­bled upon.……

    *By log­ic, I almost always use it as a syn­onym for “ratio­nal” or “rea­son” although I admit there is a dif­fer­ence in the two, be it ever so slight.

  2. Rick Beckman Avatar

    Walt Dick­in­son: Your inter­pre­ta­tion some­how has you believ­ing you’re fol­low­ing Christ while abject­ly reject­ing the Laws He lived accord­ing to and, indeed, wrote Him­self. Quite frankly, your inter­pre­ta­tion is against rea­son no mat­ter how you slice it.

    You’ve clear­ly no ratio­nal argu­men­ta­tion to back up your beliefs, so please stop com­ment­ing here until you have some­thing sub­stan­tial to bring to the table.

    Future com­ments pro­mot­ing your spe­cif­ic beliefs will be delet­ed on sight as heresy. If you feel strong­ly enough about defend­ing your beliefs (a defense of which has yet to be seen), then I encour­age you to get in touch with any of a num­ber of apol­o­gists online. Actu­al­ly, you might enjoy the group Bib­li­cal Apolo­get­ics on Yahoo! Groups. I’m a mem­ber there, and I can attest to the fact that there are plen­ty of peo­ple there who do not hold to ortho­dox Chris­t­ian beliefs.

    Have a good day.

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