Links for Thursday, 2007-08-09

  • Jesus: Mission of Disclosure — I’ve just recently (like, yesterday) started reading Jamie Kiley’s blog. This newest post of hers offers a less-common answer to the question, What was Jesus’ mission? Yes, it was to save His people from their sins, but the Gospel According to John seems to offer up a corollary mission as well: to reveal God the Father. Jamie offers that there is a salvific effect in having the Father revealed to us.
  • Baby Couch Potatoes — “Children who cannot read independently … do not watch any television, videos, or DVDs whatsoever, ‘educational’ or otherwise.” A radical approach, though not one I can easily fault. I’d probably have read at least one Shakespearean play all the way through by now, were it not for the more digital entertainment…
  • From the above site, I saw a link to Cotton Mother Dolls. Apparently, they are no longer being made, but at one time they were made-to-order cotton dolls of mother & infant for those who preferred breastfeeding, which isn’t something which is ordinarily promoted by the toys industry. While I like the concept, I must caution that the photo gallery is rather, well, let’s just say I’m thankful these dolls weren’t used in Dolls
  • Not really a link, but in petting one of our cats, Daisy, a bit earlier, I stumbled across her “perpetual licking button.” Massage her between her should blades, and she just starts licking the air. Both Alicia & I have been able to achieve that result. It’s yet to be tested with our other cat, Jasper. Makes me think of I Can Has Cheezburger.

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