Kentucky universities provide insurance to unwed couples

Kent Ostrander of The Family Foundation is sounding the warning that two major Kentucky universities are recognizing and validating homosexual marriages, despite a 2004 Kentucky constitutional amendment which recognizes marriage as only being between a man & a woman.

What appears to be going on is that these universities are allowing members of their staff to add homosexual (or other constitutionally invalid marriage) partners to their health insurance plans.

Kent says, “And it’s in direct violation of our state constitution, which we passed — the marriage protection amendment in 2004, saying that only marriage would be one man and one woman, and that nothing identical or substantially similar would be validated or recognized.”

That “nothing identical” part is curious. What is identical to a marriage between a man and a woman, if not a marriage between a man and a woman?

Ignoring that apparent blunder, it does not seem as though the universities are violating the constitution. It’s not as though they are claiming the invalid marriages are real marriages. It’s not as though they’re granting them marriage licenses or anything of that nature.

They are simply offering insurance benefits. As a business, they can offer their service to anyone they please. Should Kentucky gas stations stop serving fuel to homosexual couples? I’m sure some would say yes, which is pretty sad.

The bottom line is, if it is so terrible that the universities (and by extension, the health insurance companies) are offering insurance to such couples, why not stop giving them your business? Yet the article doesn’t even name the companies involved, so concerned citizens don’t even know who they shouldn’t be supporting.

It’s stupid “activism” like Ostrander’s that make it seem as though the “battle” is all economic. Business can serve only certain people, which isn’t greatly unlike the segregation imposed against Blacks early in the 20th Century.

It isn’t enough to disagree with homosexual marriages. I myself agree that a marriage, biblically defined, can only be between a man and woman. But that isn’t enough. We must also make sure that homosexual “life partners” are blocked at every turn when trying to do business, even if there isn’t a Christian involved in the whole lot.

Christianity is not about controlling people. It isn’t about imposing our morality onto those who are dead in their sins, blind to the Light of Jesus Christ. In other words, you are more likely to teach a dolphin to drive a back-hoe than you’ll ever be in getting unbelievers to embrace Kingdom principles. (Heck, it’s hard enough to get Christians to embrace them…)

Reading down through the comments left on the article at, I am ashamed to be associated by name (“Christian”) with some of these people. Take for instance this gem from Terry Gabrich (emphasis mine; spelling & grammar errors his):

We need to re-establish Jesus Christ in our system of government again, and also in our educational system. We need to go by his laws andnot contrive our own. We are under God’s judgement. Homosexuals will die and be slaughtered, just like blacks and hispanics. We need to establish the traditional family values that can only come about through establishing Jesus Christ as the head of our government, community, churchs, and society.

That is not Christianity, and it is a shame that allowed the comment to pass through moderation without offering a response. I don’t care if they are a news source and it generally isn’t their place to editorialize users’ comments, but for a site which few would deny is “Christian,” they ought to care about truth enough to speak up about it.

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