Links for Tuesday, 2007-08-07

  • 2000 Years — Hugh McBryde challenges, “If what we do is not increasingly reflective of what God desired of us, then what we do is let down the Gospel.” Also be sure to check out the rest of that thread for an interesting discussion concerning polygyny, or the practice of one husband having multiple wives. Is it biblically acceptable? And if it is, then what?
  • Destroying the Culture of Busyness by Dan Edelen — If we’re so busy with our own lives, how can we possibly notice the needs of others? Dan encourages non-conformity to the current ways of the world, and offers seven suggestions for what Christians must do.
  • Dressing up as Christ — Jamie Kiley, guest posting at BitterSweetLife, shares some insight from C.S. Lewis which reminds us that even though we are not Christ, we are to posture ourselves as Him, putting Him on (Galatians 3:27) so that we may address God as a son. Christian, how is your life lived in light of this?
  • Pencil Removed from Woman’s Head — After fifty-five years of affliction, she’s had most of it removed as medical science has finally caught up to her condition. The question I haven’t seen asked yet is, has her IQ gone up fifty or so points as a result? Okay, dumb question; after all, it wasn’t a crayon she was afflicted with. And it’s great to hear that she’s finally found help for her condition! Hat tip: HealthBolt.

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