Looking for a Killer WordPress Theme?

No secret that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress themes available for download. You got your 1-column themes, your 2-column themes, and your ample-sidebarred 3-column themes. There are themes with large fonts, small fonts, serif fonts, sans-serif fonts.

There are themes with a comments thread for support requests, and there are themes with no obvious means of getting support.

Frankly, the options are overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a theme that is both clean + typographically superior (read: easy on the eyes), a theme that is 1 column… 2 columns… or even 3 columns at the flip of a switch, a theme with a variety of font choices, customizable navigation menu, a multimedia box for displaying pictures, videos, or advertisements…

If you’re looking for a theme with one of the best, most responsive support communities in the WordPress universe…

Then you are looking for Thesis, by DIY Themes.

Out of the box, Thesis provides you so much that is so rarely — if ever — found in other themes:

  • Optimized HTML and CSS.
  • Search engine optimized structure.
  • A design panel for choosing between 1, 2, or 3 columns, the widths of said columns, and the font faces and sizes for the entire layout or just portions thereof.
  • An options panel for customizing the nav menu, the multimedia box, the structure of your pages’ title, and more.
  • “Subscribe to Comments” plugin style optimization.
  • Two (or one, if you so desire) widgetized sidebars.
  • Special classes for adding flair to your posts.

Not Just Thesis… COSMO!

If you purchase Thesis prior to midnight, August 31, 2008, (PST), you’ll get another premium theme absolutely free: Cosmo, a magazine style theme that is so cutting-edge, it doesn’t yet exist. You’ll have access to it as soon as Chris releases it. The existing community is very excited about Cosmo’s release; you’re not going to want to miss it!

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