Kim Clement, False Prophets, and the Value of Truth

The other day in a conversation with a vendor at work, the ministry of Kim Clement was recommended to me. After realizing it was a guy she was talking about, I remembered having seen him before on TBN. The five minutes of his show I watched were enough to determine that he was just another face in the personality cult that is popular Christianity.

Anyway, it was mentioned to me that he had prophesied that God was on the verge of something big and that the warm weather we’ve been having this month is a sign of it.

Ever curious, I hopped over to his Wikipedia entry (linked above). On it are listed a small handful of failed prophesy. That is very interesting to me.

You see, my Bible has a neat little passage in it tucked away at the end of the 18th chapter of Deuteronomy. It goes like this:

But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know when the Lord hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him. Verses 20-22

These prophets which speak presumptuously and fail to predict the future are contrasted with Jesus Christ, the Prophet like unto Moses (Deuteronomy 18:15-18).

But even the coming of Jesus didn’t end the coming of false prophets, for the Lord warns in no uncertain terms, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” (Matthew 7:15)! Don’t miss that verse, friends: false prophets are not going to stand out like a sore thumb! They are going to look like and act like sheep — like Christians!

John, that beloved apostle of the Lord, warns his fellow believers as well, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1).

Let’s put those pieces together, from Moses, Jesus, and John:

  • False prophets are unable to predict the future with 100% accuracy.
  • False prophets will look like Christians.
  • Christians are responsible for testing the words of every prophet, believing only those are proven to be of God.

Mr. Kim Clement has failed to predict the future with 100% accuracy. Regardless of anything else he says or does — regardless of whether he has had some success with prophesies or not — it is the Christian’s duty to reject him as a false prophet.

Like I said earlier, though, popular Christianity is a cult of personality. It is difficult to warn against such individuals because there are many people who take it as a personal insult to their own faith.

However, we worship Jesus Christ, He who is the Truth; there is no room for untruth in our beliefs or our devotions, no matter how emotionally attached we are to something or someone.

It is a serious matter to buy into the lies of a false prophet, however. Check out Jeremiah 14. In it you’ll find the Lord telling Jeremiah something, with him replying that the prophets have already told the people something different! Not only are the false prophets marked for death, but those who give credence to their prophesies are punished as well.

Never underestimate the value God places on truth, and certainly never hesitate to reject anyone who speaks falsely as a prophet of the Lord. As Christian television becomes more popular, more accessible, and a bigger cash cow, you can bet that false prophets are going to abound ever more.

47 thoughts on “Kim Clement, False Prophets, and the Value of Truth”

  1. Let me respond by saying that I agree with the post above, good job, and the other thng that just “chaps my hide” is the Kim Clement prophecy on Bin Laden that is on the Elijah List that has not come to pass yet. It has been there for atleast 2 years and still no passing of this word.

  2. I went to see Kim Clement in person on Saturday night in Orlando at the Master’s Touch church. I felt good about all that was prophesied and spoken over the people. Even in the bible, it tells us to test the spirits to see whether they are of God, because many are false prophets and not of God ( 1 John 4:1) . Kim Clement does not try to get any glory from this, he gives ALL the glory to God for this gift that has been given to him.
    I went with expectation, and to see for myself, just what this was all about. I came away feeling like God had done a work in my life and home, and I will continue to believe that this will come to pass. If not, there is my answer. Until then, I will not doubt, only trust that God will be God, no matter what.
    The world is hungry. Not for physical food, but spiritual food. My soul was surely fed.

    1. I’ll Agree Angie about What u said about Kim Clement i don’t believe he a False Prophet in why i said that cause what HAPPEN about President Trump in many other things he have Said came to pass people want BELIEVE if its Was Jesus himself REMEMBER what they said to Jesus he wasn’t this ir that so they going to say the same things about Him as well of US!!

      1. From what I have seen and heard on Trump and impeachment well he said it and it is happening right now hard not to agree with. He was elected Dems are trying to impeach him and they are in disarray and the witch did try to be President .

    2. It’s sad watching how people want something so badly they disregard opposing evidence. But history had proven Kim Clement is a fraud. Once a fraud, always a fraud in the prophecy business.

      Utica, New York, Jan. 10, 2004. Kim Clement prophesied Osama Bin Laden would be captured within 35 days, or by February 14th. He also said April 11, 2004 (Easter) would mark the beginning of the end of terrorist activities. Everybody knows after that came 911 and Isis ravaged the Middle East.

      These are the capture dates that failed.
      • February 14, no capture
      • March 11, still no capture.
      • April 11 , still no capture.

      Finally, he claimed his prophesy should have been interpreted that God would start revealing Bin Laden’s hiding place instead of an actual capture.

      Ultimately, Obama pulled off the killing of Bin Laden seven years later on May 2, 2011.

      In ancient times a person like Clement would have been stoned for giving a false prophesy. The bible makes it very clear that one false prophesy invalidates that person as a prophet. He is then considered a false prophet.

  3. Psalm 105:15 states, “Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.”
    Ephesians 2:20 informs us that the structural foundation of the New Testament church is Jesus Christ, the chief corner stone, and under His headship, apostles and prophets. Notice that this verse does not say that the foundational leadership of the church is pastors, teachers, evangelists, elders, deacons, or someone else. It is understandable that there is much skepticism about prophets and the prophetic today, given the severe abuses of many in the “faith camp” and the lying, flattering divination that often passes for “prophecy,” but true prophets still walk among us today. Consider the fruit in brother Clement’s life. If you actually watch him or attend one of his meetings, you will see a great deal of humility. You will not hear him prolifically promising a Lexus or presidency of a major corporation. We must be careful not to judge that which we do not yet understand. Consider also that a little over a month before Hurricane Katrina, the Lord showed Prophet Clement a prophetic vision or prophecy of the storm. If you look on his website, you will see. As for timing of the fulfillment of prophecies, scripture says we see in part and we prophecy in part (I Corinthians 13:9). A prophet can receive a prophecy and mistakenly think that he or she understands the timing of its fulfillment. I am not saying that this has happened with Kim Clement but we must be careful not to operate in a critical spirit. Old Testament prophets were given glimpses of future events that in some cases still have not manifested 2500+ years later. This is the case with much of what was shown to Isaiah, Daniel and Zechariah.

    1. Terri Patterson

      You took the words out of my mouth but I will add more. I find it hard to believe anyone especially a Christian would try and critique a prophet in this manner. Quite bold to say the least. I have listened to many of his sermons, maybe not the right word, so what to call them? He plays instruments and sings and gives prophetic Words from the Lord. So I guess one could say he performs. We are not to get caught up in the language of man. Words and meanings are a creation of man. God knows the heart and only He is qualified to judge.

      We are told in the Bible that we would know them by their fruits. I have not seen or read anything that would lead me to believe Kim has caused harm to anyone. He blessed many people and personal accounts credit him with bringing many people to salvation in Christ.

      You used Wikipedia as a source , it is well known not to use them for references as anyone can write whatever they want. Many professors and teachers instruct students not to use Wikipedia for papers.

  4. Sorry, no, I can’t take anyone claiming to a prophet if they’re ignoring what 1 Corinthians 11 says. Reading verses 11 and 14 sorta ends it for me regarding Clement.

    And I like that his website refers to his events as “performances.”

    Biblical prophets didn’t perform… They prophesied and ministered.

    You can keep your TBN-flavored entertainment ’cause it sure isn’t for me.

      1. Actually, it was Elisha, and again, he didn’t perform; Clement admitted he was simply performing. Elisha’s prophesying — like the prophesying of all of the prophets — happened as the Spirit moved, not according to schedules — whether church hours or television production hours. There is simply no correlation between modern day “prophets” (or much else in the Charismatic branch of Christendom) and what actually happened in the Bible. If the Scriptures are the judge of what is true, then it is actually quite easy to reject that which is false, which we are unequivocally called to do.

        1. I just left a message saying I have come to the conclusion that Clement was a false prophet. However, to your point here, I have much of the time heard Clement say that a prophecy was given to him earlier and he is recounting it to the audience at that time. So it was not just an “on cue” thing.

          1. need to go to god in a nutshell and whatch the prophecies all put together.. in no way was clement a “false prophet”
            how long was it before isaiahs prophecy of cyrus came to pass… so jsut because you dont live to see it … get better grip on JHVH

        2. Kristina L. Allen

          Here is how you can tell a false prophet from a true one. The false prophet is happy in this world. You won’t find a true prophet happy in this world. Ecclesiastes 1:18 says, For in much wisdom is much grief,
          And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow. Also of Yeshua the Bible says, Isaiah 53:3
          He is despised and rejected by men, A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him; He was despised, and we did not esteem Him. A true prophet hates this world, because a true prophet sees the ravages of sin. A true prophet feels the rejection GOD feels when His people turn their backs on Him. I’m not talking about the world, I’m talking about His people. A true prophet would never observe pagan holidays. A true prophet would honor the Torah as the Word of GOD, not treat it as a history text book. I live in the Prophets of the OT, because I can relate, having lived a life of sorrow. Am I a true prophet? NO, but I am a woman of many sorrows, having had most of my offspring reject me and YHVH also.

    1. elijah “performed”
      take the log out first
      if this shakes your faith then rethink it
      the bible is a roadmap and the canon version is not correct \
      man made
      the apochrypha is real
      maccabbees is real
      so take the log out

  5. I agree that typically longer hair is not for a man. Paul addresses that in the NT. But consider the Scriptural principal of the “Nazarite Vow,” found in Numbers 6 and the example of Samson in the book of judges. The vow of a Nazarite involved a special or heightened level of consecration and separation unto the Lord. That vow and its sanctified lifestyle involved, as you will see in the Scripture, men not cutting their hair. There were special commands or injunctions from God that were directed to those making the Nazarite Vow, among them, no consumption of alcoholic beverages, wearing one’s hair longer, not coming near to or touching corpses. The spiritual thrust of the Nazarite Vow was a lifestyle of special dedication to the Lord and His holiness.

    How do we know that God Himself has not commanded Kim Clement to wear his hair the way he does? How do we know that Kim Clement is not a modern day Nazarite?

    Old Testament prophets, and I would submit, those of today, are different from other people and different from other Christians. They are often misunderstood, mis-labeled, defamed, stoned (both verbally and literally) and are “without honor in their own country,” which in this case is without honor among their own Christian brethren and the church.

    The point behind all of this is that we need to be circumspect in our handling of God’s servants, the prophets. Amos 3:7 tells us “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Notice that the Lord gives His prophets the inside track and the heads-up before things happen on earth, and uses them to explain to the rest of the church what these events mean. True prophets are close to the heart of God. He refers to them as “his servants.” He regards them highly. We need to respect them.

    In Acts 5:34-39″ Gamaliel wisely cautioned that whatever is not of God will eventually fail, but in the meantime, while everything is playing out, we need to be cautious and watch our attitudes, because that which we question the validity of MAY be of God, and “…if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God (v.39)”

    I don’t want to be overly strident, but if I were you, my brother, I would tread lightly on this issue, considering that the Lord may show up in your life to address your improvident criticism of HIS servants. Kim Clement may not be perfect, and who this side of heaven is, but I would not want to be judged by the same standard of absolute perfection that you would impose on him and others. None can withstand that level of scrutiny. Sowing and reaping is still an immutable precept of the Bible. We will be judged with the same standard that we use to judg e others.

  6. I’m not worried at all that I will be judged for my criticisms of Clement, simply because I have made the Word of God my standard in that regard.

    Is he a Nazarite? I highly doubt it. Go read Numbers 6 a few times; the Nazarite vow — except in the instance of Samson — was a temporary thing. During it, no razor was to touch the head — Clement clearly still shaves, for he lacks a beard. Right there he’s already failed the vow.

    Likewise, has he avoided all grapes and grape products? Does he really plan to offer a burnt offering when the vow is fulfilled?

    No, sorry, Ben, you are speaking of things you do not understand. You’re grasping at whatever you can to defend Clement biblically, but in so doing you are coming up quite short.

  7. Joseph benJudah

    If this Kim Clement is a false prophet let him be cursed with a curse! A prophet must be 100% accurate all the time. And what has he done for the State of Israel? Signed Joseph benJudah

  8. I’m sure everyone can argue about a prophecy made to the nation will come to pass or if it ever will…but Kim Clement, a false prophet? I think not. He gave me a word, actually 3 words, about a year ago and every single thing he said has come to pass. Every last detail. Some could say he guessed it, but trust me the things he told me no one could guess. God spoke to that man and no one can convince me other wise. My advice to all of you is to not bash a man of God. Don’t touch God’s annointed. And Kim Clement..that’s an anointed prophet. I am in his meetings in California frequently and every time I go my life changes. This is one man you do not want to mess with. And before jumping to conclusions about whether his prophecy’s will come true, why not have faith and wait for God’s perfect timing. After all, faith is what God is after.

  9. Joseph benJudah

    What ever happened to his E Fuel Prophecy? And how much money does he receive and what Salary does he give himself.? Does he support the State of Israel? Please let me know.. Shalom.

  10. David,

    “My advice to all of you is to not bash a man of God. Don’t touch God’s annointed.”

    Once again a brother uses the typical response to those who question whether a man as Kim Clement is a true prophet or not. David can you SCRIPTURALLY support what he is doing as a true prophet?

    YOUR responsibility is to test even those words that came to you from him to the scriptures. Even the anti-christ can counterfiet the real. You need to be very careful what you blindly accept without testing (a command from the Lord through the God inspired, infallible scripture)by the very word of God.

  11. On January 13, 2004, he prophesied concerning Osama Bin Laden- ” I’m going to bring him out in 35 days. There is a resurrection day coming over this Easter. This Easter will be one of the greatest Easters this nation has ever celebrated. Why? Because there will be a resurrection of the dead, speaking spiritually of revelation that has died, of prophetic words that have died and been buried in the ground. This Easter, not only will I bring your greatest enemy out, but I will also bring about a severe judgment against the powers and the principalities that have come against my servants, against my people. There shall be a judgment.”

    Here’s the elijahlist page so you can read it for yourselves:

    On December 26, 2000, he prophesied there would be a cure for aids by 2002. On March 19, 2003 he prophesied no Americans would be killed in the war on Iraq.

    Believe me, if I thought I were “touching God’s anointed”, I wouldn’t be posting this- but I don’t believe that’s the case. Better to warn sheep about the wolves.

  12. Amein! to Ken,

    The display of defence of this false prophet Kim Clement shows how far APOSTATE people have become. So gullible! There was even more strictness in the4 ORIGINAL times of the true believers of who was real or fake. Those who defend Mr.Clement would also consider them “critical”. These Laodicean defenders of Mr. Clement would also be chewed up by those Nazarenes!

    The spirit of delusion has gone forth already, the Scriptures quoted already to what is expected of a prophet is very clear, but many seemed to have watered it down that these people ALLOW these ‘profits’ to keep going. In true believer times, they would have been executed.

    And come on folks… go more than HOW a performance MADE YOU *FEEL*. THAT IS FLESH!!! What is going on in the spirit is the question? Many spirits can make you feel good. So much witch craft has gone forth that MANY on this board have no idea, that they are being MESMERIZED (BEWITCHED!).

    Shalom and Selah in Messiah!!

  13. Sippie: Go look in your concordance for two scriptures:

    1) In the Psalms, David spoke of not touching God’s anointed and doing His prophets no harm, and 2) to the merciful, He shows Himself merciful. Would you hold yourself to the same standard of perfection which you would apply to others? selah.

  14. Hi b.c. :)

    Harm isn’t done to anyone by showing that what was claimed as “thus saith the Lord” was never really spoken by God. God is never wrong about anything so when “His prophets” are wrong it MUST be told.

    And less you think I’m a cessationist believing God doesn’t speak through prophets any more, trust me I’m not. As a matter of fact, I’m grieved that this stuff happens on a continual basis with no accounting from the very people who SHOULD be bringing these false words into account.

    We have to take the whole council of scripture:

    Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt. TEST EVERYTHING. Hold on to THE GOOD. Avoid every kind of evil. 1st Thess. 5:19-22 [my emphasis]

    be blessed,


  15. Why is it that all those defending the false prophets of today throw out the scriptural test of a false prophet and replace it with how they FEEL. God tells us in His word not to go by our FEELINGS.
    Really ridiculous arguments are given like the following:
    Sippie: Go look in your concordance for two scriptures:
    1) In the Psalms, David spoke of not touching God’s anointed and doing His prophets no harm, and 2) to the merciful, He shows Himself merciful. Would you hold yourself to the same standard of perfection which you would apply to others? selah.
    end of quote:
    People like this define God’s anointed by how this person makes them FEEL NOT by HOW GOD tells them to test if the person is from God or not. Once they have defined this person is from God by if he makes them FEEL good, then they will not listen to anyone else when they point out how God tells us to test if they are a false prophet or false teacher.
    This is totally opposite of how God tells us to do it. God tells us how to determine if they are a prophet from God and it does not include FEELINGS or the person themselves saying they are prophets of God. God sets the standard so high that He does not allow for even one little error when they make a prophecy. This means if he is 100% accurate in giving you 1 or 100 prophecies but then they are wrong on even one little prophesy for someone else or on something else, GOD tells us they are a false prophet. You don’t need to argue with any body calling them a false prophet because, you know he is a true prophet because, ( fill in the blank.) Your argument does not override God’s word in how to determine if they are a prophet of God (God’s anointed.) It is God who has given us the way to test them. When you say they are God’s prophets but they fail the test then it is you who are in opposition to God’s word, not the one pointing out the person fails the test God put in place to test them.
    You’r “FEELINGS,” are not the judge of this person being a false prophet, GOD is and if He tells us how to check to see if they are a false prophet and the person falls into that definition, THEN THEY ARE A FALSE PROPHET. If you continue to believe they are a true prophet, then according to God’s Word, you to will be judged right along with the false prophet. No matter how you FEEL about that, it will not stop you from being judged by God for believing a false prophet over what GOD has said in His word. GOD said it and it is each of our responsibilty first to know God’s word and then to take God’s word over anything else that can be raised up over His word, LIKE our emotions, or if someone lies by telling you they are a prophet from God when they fail the test God put in place to test them.

  16. I started to research false prophets because I had felt a warning in my spirit. I agree with comments about being careful about words spoken through the prophets. There will be a group of people that will be lead astray. We know that these are the last days and the anti-chirst is already here. World events reveal this. I know we should not critise the world, Jesus is going to do that but there is a scripture that says we can judge our own. ~Inviduals have been hurt by people giving false prohecies, any word needs to be weighed very carefully, ie is this for now, does this need to be put to prayer, is this my own hope or is this the inspired word of God. Father God will anoint certain people to prophecy but it is given by humble people who don’t claim to be anything else than a servant. They were called men of God. They lived by faith, no beautiful chariots, beautiful houses, no designer clothes. I wonder what these modern day evanglelists will say to those who have died in provety, those little babies that have died for the want of the basics. I really get concerned about these individuals that won’t except contructive critisim. They will be accountable to God at the end of the for their actions. Lets just get on with the last days and pray that our brothers and sisters won’t be lead astray. I want to be one of the five virgins that goes through the door

    1. Terri Patterson

      God uses who He wants, he doesn’t consider their W-2. Too many here are trying to put God in a building or book or other creations of man. There are many that seem to have known Kim’s heart. I have read most post here and I haven’t read ones talking about their feelings. Maybe I missed all of those but most here have given reasons for their beliefs. No one that has posted here has any reason to talk down to anyone or criticize other’s reasoning.

      I do know that over and over the Bible speaks of love for our neighbors. Jesus seem to put loving others really high on His list of commandments. Love one another the same as Jesus loves each of us, even with knowing our sins. My goodness get over your religious stuff.

  17. I had someone post something about him yesterday and straight away I had red flags popping up all over the place. First of all was the fact that he gives himself a title, that puts me off straight away.
    I have checked him out and I really do not like what I see. I believe he’s a false prophet too. There’s just something not right about him.
    I tried to warn the person who posted about him by saying that as far as I know the prophets in the bible were 100% correct and that Kim isn’t. I got told that I don’t understand how it all works and that when I can match Kim’s prophecies for correctness, then this person will take note of my comments. I have only been a Christian a couple of years and this man has been a Christian for some 30 years, so how he can’t discern the truth worries me.
    We are told to warn people of the wolves, but if they don’t listen, that’s their problem I suppose.
    As for me, I choose to follow what God says in the bible, not what man says when he’s playing a piano.

  18. Seeking the truth

    These prophesyings concern me a great deal. We have to study God’s word and make sure we rightly divide it. My questions:
    1. Did the prophets of old collected tithes and offerings before and after they prophesied? Last time I checked, some where mocked, some were imprisoned and many were killed or stoned to death. Nobody I know will give to prophets of doom and gloom…
    2. Did the prophets prophesy impending judgements or some things that are too good to hear, for instance King Ahab who imprisoned Micah because of his gloomy prophecy. Many prophecies concern sin and repentance, even the birth of Jesus in Isaiah, is about our redemption through Him and His sacrifice on the cross.
    3. If we are obeying God’s word, is His word not enough to confirm that He will bless us? Like Proverbs 1 and Psalms 1, do we always have to hear someone confirm this? We also have the Holy Ghost who will give us peace that passes all understanding if we make wise choices according to God’s principles that is if we are truly born again.
    Most people who seek mediums and soothsayers do so because they have no idea where they are headed. I have done this a few times before I became a believer much to my shame now. I even consulted a tarot reader. And there is a huge difference, it’s about I, me and myself, prophesyings is mostly about sin, repentance and God’s judgement…..
    If we as born again believers, are studying God’s word with the Holy Ghost’s help, then we will know His will for our lives and yes God sends confirmation through our brothers and sisters in Christ. Remember the scripture, ‘my people perish for lack of knowledge’…….friends the time will come when bibles will be scarce that whatever scriptures we hide in our hearts is so precious, more precious than gold….take heed my friends, these are dark days….

  19. I am so thankful,Rick,when someone in this day and age of deception,will speak truth,unafraid to expose false prophets.Thankyou.You do use scripture as a reference,not speaking out of malice,in the desire to help those being led away from the truth of His Word.May He continue to use you for His purpose,His glory.

  20. Rick,I’ve got to figure this one out.You do a service in exposing false prophets,which is sorely needed in the church today.Then I click on About Rick Beckman and see that you are a former Christian,now an infidel.Why would you even care about the deception being perpetrated upon Christians,if you no longer have faith in the saving grace of Almighty God,through His Son,the Lord Jesus Christ.I’m praying that He will draw you back to Himself,that you not be a part of the great falling away.I pray that you repent in tears,as Peter,who denied Jesus three times. God does love you,let Him heal the hurt,or disillusionment,that you may once again come under the shadow of His wings.Where can you go,that He is not there?

  21. I remember Kim Clement prophesying over a young man with aids that he was healed and should “Go tell the world”! This young man did exactly that and a few years later was hospitalized and died of aids. At the time of the prophesy their was great excitement in the building and offering plates were passed. I have kept track through the years of his “Ministry” I see no reason to call Kim a prophet. I do see reasons to call him a charlatan!
    I am so thankful I was delivered out of the theological constructs that promote this foolishness. I pray Kim Clements deceptions and others like him who sell sensationalism will be exposed and duped Christians will return to sound doctrine.

  22. To those saying we must not risk judging God’s annointed: so, is that your response to Paul writing critical letters to the churches or Jesus warning the churches of Revelation?

    To the poster who says Kim predicted life events in a personal reading: have you ever heard of mediums or divination? It is not Biblical.

    I’d be wary of any person coming out of South Africa or with association to the Toronto Blessing – Howard Browne, Copeland, Baker, Bethel, Hillsong, Engle, White, Gumbel etc. All give ‘Catholic reunion’ prophesy (while Rome actively preaches all religions lead to God) and all are false.

  23. Thank you for laying it out so clearly. I DID believe Kim Clement was the genuine article. Then, the past week, I’ve REALLY been pursuing the Lord’s voice. And some things that stood out as yellow flags to me with regard to Clement started to bug me more. And I researched, and lo and behold I found many inaccurate prophecies aside from his famous “Trump” prophecy.

    I realized that I’d fallen into the trap of liking my ears being massaged. :-(

    Your three points are so clear:

    False prophets are unable to predict the future with 100% accuracy.
    False prophets will look like Christians.
    Christians are responsible for testing the words of every prophet, believing only those are proven to be of God.

    Thank you!

  24. Kathleen Manganaro

    I saw him in person in 1994. He called up someone who had lost twins .That was me a couple of years before . Not only did I lose them … i nearly died myself from sepsis during the pregnancy .

    He prophesied I would have the twins again and my husband would be head of the household . Nothing came true . His lies caused much damage in my life witho going into detail .

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