Should corporations be promoting homosexuality?

Moments ago, I received an email from the American Family Association, requesting me to participate in a poll asking, Should corporations be promoting homosexuality? They don’t let you answer just “yes” or “no” to that question; rather, that one seems to be bait just to get you there. The question you’re actually answering is, If a corporation supports the homosexual agenda, would you be more likely to do business with that company, be less likely to do business with that company, or would your buying decision be unaffected?

To the first question — the one I can’t answer in the poll — I would state no. As a follower of Christ, I don’t believe individuals, businesses, or governments should promote sin of any kind, including homosexuality.

Does that affect my buying decision? Well, I don’t shop at adult gift shops and things of that nature, so I guess the answer is yes. But if a fast food restaurant, for example, wants to give millions each year to “gay charities,” that doesn’t really affect me. I’m not accountable with what others do with their money. Certainly, I’m accountable for how I use my money, and so the relevant issue isn’t what a restaurant does with my money after I spend it there, but rather how much of my money I’m spending there and why. The same is true for department stores and so on.

I realize there are many Christians who feel they should not give their money to organizations that support homosexuals. That’s fine — let every man be convinced in his own conscience before the Lord. But why do these same men not boycott organizations with corrupt business practices or that peddle violent or adult movies & literature, that expose children to lust-oriented magazines & other media?

Homosexuality ought not be anyone’s “pet sin” to hate. I can’t think of any benefit such an attitude would have — there is certainly none that extends to those who are slaves to their sin! ‘Causing them to hate you for your prejudice against them will mean that if you ever did come to them with the Gospel, their hearts are already going to be hardened against you — not because you are a follower of Christ, but because you showed them no love.

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