April Fool’s Day

Before I hit the sack, here are two April Fool’s jokes I’ve noticed thus far:

And here are several dozen more pranks that I didn’t experience first hand! Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day”

  1. Hi. This comment is off the topic, but I have an issue with Raven’s antispam, that I am trying to figure out. I was thinking it is K2 related, but now I see that you use both K2 and Raven’s and they seem to work.

    What happens is that when anyone tries to comment the get the error message saying that they didn’t enter antispam word, while there’s no word to enter, since JS is on. Did you have a similar problem? I wonder if there could be some other plugin incompatibility.

    Anything that is comment related I use: Brian’s Lastest Comments and Subscribe to Comments.

  2. Turn off Ajax Commenting, it doesn’t submit the proper Antispam field. I had the same problem until I turned it off as well. It doesn’t really serve a purpose and is just so much more that dial-up users have to download, so it wasn’t a huge loss to me.

    But that should get it to work. :)

  3. I might have some different issue. I turned AJAX off (I love the AJAX commenting though), and even tried it with classic theme with other plugins turned off to no avail. This might be issue with WP installation. I’ll try to do a clean install on my test server, and see how that goes.

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