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The bountiful wisdom of President Obama…

“Critics tend to criticize.”

“Thoughtful thinkers think.”

Well, that got me thinking — thoughtfully thinking — and though this isn’t the Word of Obama, it seems equally true that blog readers read blogs. To take that even further, you are reading this blog, and that makes you a blog reader — deep, I know — and so I’d like to offer up a handful of other blogs which you might like to read, you crazy blog reader you. I’ve been enjoying the blogs I’m subscribed to more as of late. Not really sure why that is… uh, umm, not sure… hang on… uh… just a second… hmm.. not really sure… <fixes teleprompter> exactly, though perhaps it’s because I’ve been a bit negligent in my own blogging.

Fair enough, but what have I been reading? If you’re one of my friends in the world of Thesis, you’ll likely not appreciate this list as there’s nothing WordPress- or Thesis-related in it. Though, perhaps there is something you’ll enjoy… Here are my current top four blogs for your consideration.

The Real Revo

I’ll start with perhaps the most recent addition to my blog reading list: The Real Revo. This subversive, “don’t tread on me” blog doesn’t hesitate to point out those things which the mainstream media are failing to. While not always “Rated G,” many of you will likely find the site to be quite enlightening or challenging if you’ve not come across it before.

The Modern Pharisee

While most of Hugh’s time is spent documenting issues concerning last year’s raid on a major polygynist sect, he also reports on political issues and matters of faith as well. I’ve debated Hugh at length concerning issues the Bible’s definition of marriage, and I have to say that whether you agree with him or not, there’s surely something on his site that will challenge you to think deeper about things.

End the War on Freedom

Probably the only “crypto-anarchist-libertarian” blog that I read, End the War on Freedom, like The Real Revo, exposes what is wrong in American government and where we should be focused if we want to maintain the freedoms which we’ve taken for granted for so long.

Biblical Christianity

Dan Phillips, self-professed CalviDispieBaptoGelical (an apt category for me as well, no doubt), on a variety of topics ranging from matters of faith and theology to political topics and how we should approach them from a Christian perspective. His weekly (or so) “Hither & Thither” link round ups are a particularly enjoyable treat, linking to not only important political or current event developments, but also to the occasional humorous image or website. Great site all around, I dare say.

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