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The boun­ti­ful wis­dom of Pres­i­dent Obama…

“Crit­ics tend to criticize.”

“Thought­ful thinkers think.”

Well, that got me think­ing — thought­ful­ly think­ing — and though this isn’t the Word of Oba­ma, it seems equal­ly true that blog read­ers read blogs. To take that even fur­ther, you are read­ing this blog, and that makes you a blog read­er — deep, I know — and so I’d like to offer up a hand­ful of oth­er blogs which you might like to read, you crazy blog read­er you. I’ve been enjoy­ing the blogs I’m sub­scribed to more as of late. Not real­ly sure why that is… uh, umm, not sure… hang on… uh… just a sec­ond… hmm.. not real­ly sure… <fix­es teleprompter> exact­ly, though per­haps it’s because I’ve been a bit neg­li­gent in my own blogging.

Fair enough, but what have I been read­ing? If you’re one of my friends in the world of The­sis, you’ll like­ly not appre­ci­ate this list as there’s noth­ing Word­Press- or The­sis-relat­ed in it. Though, per­haps there is some­thing you’ll enjoy… Here are my cur­rent top four blogs for your consideration.

The Real Revo

I’ll start with per­haps the most recent addi­tion to my blog read­ing list: The Real Revo. This sub­ver­sive, “don’t tread on me” blog does­n’t hes­i­tate to point out those things which the main­stream media are fail­ing to. While not always “Rat­ed G,” many of you will like­ly find the site to be quite enlight­en­ing or chal­leng­ing if you’ve not come across it before.

The Modern Pharisee

While most of Hugh’s time is spent doc­u­ment­ing issues con­cern­ing last year’s raid on a major polyg­y­nist sect, he also reports on polit­i­cal issues and mat­ters of faith as well. I’ve debat­ed Hugh at length con­cern­ing issues the Bible’s def­i­n­i­tion of mar­riage, and I have to say that whether you agree with him or not, there’s sure­ly some­thing on his site that will chal­lenge you to think deep­er about things.

End the War on Freedom

Prob­a­bly the only “cryp­to-anar­chist-lib­er­tar­i­an” blog that I read, End the War on Free­dom, like The Real Revo, expos­es what is wrong in Amer­i­can gov­ern­ment and where we should be focused if we want to main­tain the free­doms which we’ve tak­en for grant­ed for so long.

Biblical Christianity

Dan Phillips, self-pro­fessed Cal­viDispieBap­to­Gel­i­cal (an apt cat­e­go­ry for me as well, no doubt), on a vari­ety of top­ics rang­ing from mat­ters of faith and the­ol­o­gy to polit­i­cal top­ics and how we should approach them from a Chris­t­ian per­spec­tive. His week­ly (or so) “Hith­er & Thith­er” link round ups are a par­tic­u­lar­ly enjoy­able treat, link­ing to not only impor­tant polit­i­cal or cur­rent event devel­op­ments, but also to the occa­sion­al humor­ous image or web­site. Great site all around, I dare say.

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