The Intellectual Side of Obama

Just for fun… and because people never seemed to shut up about bushisms… Here’s a montage of who we, the American people, made the most powerful man in the world. Boy, we rock…

I think I’ll make it my life’s goal to visit all 57 states. Evidently, even going that far won’t get me to three of the states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

3 thoughts on “The Intellectual Side of Obama”

    1. Given the (biblical) principle that to those who much is given, much is required, it seems to me that if Barack Obama is half as Christian as he claims, he ought to be one of the most obviously Christian men in America. He is the power, authority, position, money, influence, and so on to do powerful things for the Kingdom of God (nothing in the Constitution forbids a President from being religious…), but no, that isn’t what we see.

      Instead, his position has been used to show his gross misunderstanding of the Bible (in a supposed Christian church for a few decades and still don’t get the sermon on the mount? That’s Christianity 101!), the truths concerning the sanctity of life, the truths concerning sexuality, and all sorts of other things.

      Wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed.

  1. Nothing in the Constitution forbids a President from being religious … except that the single most fundamental freedom, that which on the country was based (I am of Mayflower descent!) was and is separation of church and state. Because if they aren’t separate, it won’t necessarily be your religion/beliefs that are being mandated. You’re a smart guy, you know a Christian President cannot “do” just for Christian believers. We may be a Christian-based nation–for a while longer–but there’s this big statue in New York? Our famous democratic freedoms? You know it. It is, in fact, ultimately of Christ’s teachings to welcome all, and treat all fairly, and the same.

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