Thesis OpenHook 2.0.2 Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of The­sis Open­Hook 2.0.2, a minor release so far as releas­es go.

How­ev­er, a bug was report­ed (thanks, Justin) per­tain­ing to the “404 Title” hook which caused slash­es to not be prop­er­ly stripped result­ing in messy, messy titles. 

I also added the repeat­ed­ly asked for fea­ture of being able to mod­i­fy the text dis­played on the save button.

Thanks, every­one, for your con­tin­ued usage and enjoy­ment of Open­Hook. I’m very glad that so many have ben­e­fit­ed from this work, and I hope that over time we see even more.

As always, in order to use Open­Hook, you must be using the best Word­Press theme there is: The­sis by DIYthemes. Okay, I’m biased, but with spot-on typog­ra­phy, ample white­space, proven search engine opti­miza­tion, and more fea­tures than you can shake a stick at… What are you wait­ing for? Your blog deserves Thesis!






6 responses to “Thesis OpenHook 2.0.2 Released”

  1. Kelly from Almost Frugal Avatar

    Hey there Rick,

    Where do I go for sup­port on Open Hook? I tried the orig­i­nal post but com­ments are now closed (not surprisingly!). 

    I’m hav­ing prob­lems with things not appear­ing- the nav bar does­n’t move beneath the head­er, the foot­er does­n’t take my mod­i­fi­ca­tions into account…

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      I made a note about it in the orig­i­nal Open­Hook post itself. There’s been a forum @ DIYthemes for Open­Hook for a while now; it’s list­ed under “Third Par­ty” at the bot­tom of the main page of the board.

  2. Mike Wasylik Avatar

    Rick, Open­Hook is ele­gant, pow­er­ful, and very use­ful. Thanks a lot!

  3. Lawrence S. Miller Avatar

    Well now, I’m glad I found your blog. What you have to say here on both pri­ma­ry sub­jects is of vital inter­est to me. 

    I have had a deep and abid­ing inter­est in The Faith of our Fathers (read Ortho­dox Chris­tian­i­ty), both the his­to­ry and the life, for a long time now. 

    I am new to blog­ging and inter­est­ed in learn­ing all I can about the tech­ni­cal side of set­ting up and main­tain­ing a blog plat­form. Sad­ly, I am about as tech­ni­cal­ly savvy and capa­ble of learn­ing that side blog­ging as a stone is. I am using The­sis (lawren­cae on the forum) and you have dropped by my queries and left a note a time or two. I have a lot to learn and I fer­vent­ly hope that in time some knowl­edge will find a way into my hard head.


  4. Julie Avatar

    Hel­lo there :-)

    For­give me for my very basic ques­tion. I have been star­ing at my new The­sis theme all week try­ing to fig­ure out how to cus­tomize my back­ground and bor­der. I also have a head­er that I’d like to input. I have researched tuto­r­i­al after tuto­r­i­al but I don’t under­stand how to edit any­thing. For these hooks, do I just add the code after that is list­ed below? I just found this plug-in last night so this is all new to me. 

    Any help would be great. I have already been through the DIYthemes web­site and oth­er sources. I real­ly just don’t under­stand any of this. Thank you! 

    Here’s what is in the Cus­tom StyleSheet:

    File: custom.css
    Descrip­tion: Cus­tom styles for Thesis


    If you have enabled the cus­tom stylesheet in the The­sis options pan­el, the tag
    will be append­ed with the “cus­tom” class, like so: . You can use
    the “cus­tom” class to over­ride *any* CSS dec­la­ra­tions con­tained in the style.css file.

    For exam­ple, if you wish to change the default link col­or to green, you would add the
    fol­low­ing dec­la­ra­tions to this file:

    .cus­tom a, .cus­tom a:visited { col­or: #090; } <— This makes links green
    .cus­tom a:hover { col­or: #00f; } <— This makes links blue when you mouse over them


    By using the “cus­tom” class, you are cre­at­ing more spe­cif­ic CSS dec­la­ra­tions for HTML
    ele­ments. CSS styling is applied through rules of speci­fici­ty, and because declarations
    prepend­ed with .cus­tom are more spe­cif­ic, they get applied when the page is rendered!

    More infor­ma­tion about styling your The­sis instal­la­tion using this file can be found
    in the User’s Guide:

  5. Julie Avatar

    Hel­lo again, Sor­ry I did­n’t real­ize there was a sup­port for this in the DIY forums. I post­ed my ques­tion there.


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