Death Saving Time

The Grim Reaper talking to a man, saying 'This new Daylight Saving Time is too confusing. You were supposed to die an hour ago.'

I got­ta admit, though, that extra hour of day­light at night is pret­ty nice.

Though to be quite hon­est, I was con­tent with the way Indi­ana was just a cou­ple of years ago — no time changes, ever. That was nice. Hav­ing been thrust into plen­ty a Day­light Sav­ing Time dis­cus­sions with oth­ers, it all just seems like so much pol­i­tics. Fam­i­lies go hun­gry, chil­dren are still get­ting left behind, and the pow­ers that be have time to squab­ble about what our watch­es say.

To quote an old miser, “Bah, humbug!”

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Rick Beckman