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This archived con­tent is from mul­ti­ple blogs across mul­ti­ple domains, all cre­at­ed, loved, and even­tu­al­ly aban­doned by me. No, I’m not proud of that, but life goes on, and per­spec­tives change. Per­haps some­thing in the archives will be of val­ue to some­one, and so they shall remain in per­pe­tu­ity. Posts which have been updat­ed for con­tent or style will be moved to a more appro­pri­ate cat­e­go­ry — this is the plan for all posts across the site.

Did Nehemiah Poorly Copy Ezra? — Ezra 2:1–42 v. Nehemiah 7:5–45

Believe it or not, kids, there was a time when “copy/paste” was­n’t as sim­ple as long-press­ing a touch­screen to cause a con­text menu to appear allow­ing you to choose “select,” tap­ping “copy” in a sub­se­quent con­text menu which appears, nav­i­gat­ing to a dif­fer­ent text box, long-press­ing to pull up its con­text menu, and final­ly tapping …

Did Nehemi­ah Poor­ly Copy Ezra? — Ezra 2:1–42 v. Nehemi­ah 7:5–45 Read More »

Ascending toward a Secular Now

If the end result of ascend­ing Olym­pus is to learn that the gods the world wor­ships aren’t real­ly there, what does that mean for soci­ety? How should moral­i­ty be deter­mined in a post-reli­gion soci­ety? Let’s take a look at our increas­ing­ly “sec­u­lar now.”

There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

The ancient Greeks lived sub­servient­ly to a myr­i­ad of gods, the elite of which ruled from Mount Olym­pus. Why then did the Greeks not take to Olym­pus to see whether the gods were tru­ly there? Why do we, today, not make every effort to see whether the gods of today’s reli­gions are tru­ly there? It’s time to expose the cha­rades of reli­gion, ascend­ing their high places, and embrac­ing a sec­u­lar now.

Creationist Russ Miller’s Glory of God Mathematics

Cre­ation­ist Russ Miller claims that the uni­verse declares the glo­ry of God, and claims as sup­port of this the pre­sumed tri­une nature of var­i­ous aspects of real­i­ty — time, space, etc. But what hap­pens when a cre­ation­ist goes from talk­ing about the imag­i­nary world of bib­li­cal cre­ation­ism to tying it into reality?

Heaven or Hell? Which One Will You Choose?

I used to spend a lot of time orga­niz­ing, brand­ing, and pass­ing out tracts as a Chris­t­ian, but I’ve come to find them non­sen­si­cal. In this first edi­tion of Tract Check, I look at the Fel­low­ship Tract League’s tract “Heav­en or Hell?” to see if it pass­es muster.

Fixing NewsBlur’s “Story” Pane When Browsing Securely on Firefox 23

Ever since the shut­ter­ing of Google Read­er, I’ve been an avid, sev­er­al-times-a-day user of News­Blur, which while it isn’t free if you have over six­­ty-four feeds, has served my pur­pos­es nice­ly. One of my favorite fea­tures of News­Blur is its abil­i­ty to load the actu­al page a feed entry refers to with­in a frame of …

Fix­ing NewsBlur’s “Sto­ry” Pane When Brows­ing Secure­ly on Fire­fox 23 Read More »

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