Every Viewer an Editor

What will the future of movielike entertainment look like? I picture a blending of video game role-playing customization, choose-your-own-adventure books, and modularity becoming the new entertainment norm.

Periodic Parties

Idea for celebrating the birthdays of science lovers: For every birthday, celebrate in a manner which coincides with the matching element on the periodic table. Turning 10? Break out the neon and party like it's the 80s/90s. Seventeen coincides with chlorine, so hit the pool! At 28, ritually burn in effigy any Nickelback merchandise you … Continue reading Periodic Parties

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden while the serpent tempts Eve

The Shadow of Death

Oblivion. Endless... null. Death. After life, what? Every religions gives us something to imagine, but what if reality is all the more cruel? I've wondered about this since early grade school, and I'm no closer to being comfortable with my thoughts.