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  • The Bible vs. Simple Physics

    About two years ago, I post­ed a note on Face­book which explained why the laws of physics (and real­ly, com­mon sense) pro­hib­it the con­struc­tion of the tem­ple as described in 1 Kings 6 and 1 Chron­i­cles 22. A brief dis­cus­sion ensued after­ward in which a pas­tor (and good friend) attempt­ed to defend what the Bible […]

  • How to Automatically Clean Up Spam on Your WordPress Site

    Word­Press’ com­pan­ion spam block­ing tool, Akismet, does a fan­tas­tic job of weed­ing out spam from legit­i­mate com­ments, but what hap­pens? After some time, your spam com­ments could num­ber in the thou­sands, bloat­ing your data­base size, slow­ing down com­ments man­age­ment, and mak­ing baby angels cry. In my expe­ri­ence, on cer­tain shared servers, sim­ply emp­ty­ing your spam […]

  • How to Enhance WordPress+Thesis Comments with Gravatar Profile Data

    For a few years now, Gra­vatar has offered pub­lic pro­files for its mas­sive user base. Now in addi­tion to sim­ply glob­al avatars, Gra­vatar users could cre­ate a pro­file with links, ver­i­fied social accounts, and more. And for me, one of the coolest fea­tures of this was that the pro­files were open — both in the sense […]

  • Quickly Convert Thesis 1.8.5 to HTML 5

    A long time ago, I promised a tuto­r­i­al on how to con­vert The­sis 1.8.5 from an XHTML Strict doc­u­ment type to the new hot­ness: HTML 5. There are plen­ty of rea­sons to switch, and it real­ly is quite simple!  Error hap­pened.

  • Dumber and Dumber and Dumber

    Dis­in­for­ma­tion report­ed on a Nat­ur­al Soci­ety arti­cle about Stan­ford Uni­ver­si­ty geneti­cist Dr. Ger­ald Crab­tree’s claims that human­i­ty is get­ting dumb­er, for a vari­ety of rea­sons, most­ly due to our expo­sure to things like flu­o­ride or pesticides. But hon­est­ly, why should­n’t mankind be get­ting dumb­er? It would seem to be the nat­ur­al course of evo­lu­tion for […]

  • One Month Down, Eleven to Go

    Here I am, over a month into 2013 — the year that was sup­posed to be my year. Such grand plans for a mul­ti­tude of web­sites. Well, I’m still here, but I’ve not real­ly found any time to devote to my online endeavors. This is unfor­tu­nate because every day that goes by, the num­ber of […]

  • Where Did I Come From, Where Am I Going

    This may be one of my last blog posts, at this blog any­way. It’s been sug­gest­ed to me that this site looks as though it was orga­nized by a blind orang­utan; that sug­ges­tion was made by me, after some feed­back from a few folks. 2012 has been a year of both tran­si­tion and growth for me, […]

  • BrazenlyFor Hire

    I made my first web­site some­time in the late nineties, back when HTML 4.01 was the stan­dard to meet, and the “cool” things to do involved chang­ing the col­or of the scroll­bars or intro­duc­ing tran­si­tions between page views… Things which I’m glad to have seen gone by the wayside. In those near­ly fif­teen years, I […]

  • Keep the Crackers Guessing with Auto-Updating WordPress Salts and Keys

    Are you a web­site admin­is­ter con­cerned about the secu­ri­ty of your Word­Press-based sites? Then you’re going to want to take a moment to read Why Word­Press Authen­ti­ca­tion Unique Keys and Salts Are Impor­tant by codeseekah. In it, code­seekah explains the val­ue of this block of code, which ought to be famil­iar to any­one who has […]

  • The Brazenly Coded Box for Thesis 2.0

    The Brazen­ly Cod­ed Box is no longer sup­port­ed (and may not work at all on cur­rent ver­sions of The­sis)! Down­load Open­Hook to take advan­tage of its Open­Box fea­ture, which pro­vides sim­i­lar (but bet­ter pro­grammed) func­tion­al­i­ty to the Brazen­ly Cod­ed Box! Look­ing to take your The­sis 2.0 install to the next lev­el? Give your­self near­ly lim­it­less cus­tomiza­tion […]

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