Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

What feels like a life­time ago, I was intro­duced to the con­cept of lengthy lists of ques­tions intend­ed to catch mem­bers of an oppos­ing view­point or world­view off guard or get them think­ing about what they believe in per­haps a dif­fer­ent man­ner. The ear­li­est list I can recall was Hard Nuts for Catholic Apol­o­gists, a list by David Cloud of …

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Room Enough to Grow: What Made Me an Atheist?

This ques­tion came to me from my girl­friend Mea­gan on this past Ask an Athe­ist Day (April 14): What made me seek out athe­ism as my iden­ti­ty? It’s a good ques­tion; for the decade pri­or to becom­ing an athe­ist, I was a “washed in the blood” Chris­t­ian with a “the fool says in his heart, there is …

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Can Atheists and Christians Coexist?

Sev­en­teen years ago, if you were to ask me “Can athe­ists and Chris­tians coex­ist?” I would’ve said one of two things: “no” or the more smart-ass “every­one on the plan­et exists at the same time just fine so yes.” My smart-allecky past self aside, let’s focus on that “no” response. Sev­en­teen years ago, I was a *inhales* …

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Rekia Boyd

Meet Rekia Boyd, born Novem­ber 5, 1989 and a res­i­dent of Dolton, Illi­nois, along with her fam­i­ly. On March 21, 2012, Reki­a’s life was trag­i­cal­ly cut short. While out with a group of friends late in the evening, enjoy­ing music, drinks, and each oth­ers’ com­pa­ny at Dou­glas Park. In the small hours of the night, Rekia and …

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Again and Again and Again and Again

Well, I did it again — made the deci­sion to “aban­don” this web­site to work on oth­er things. I could­n’t do it, though. I noticed recent­ly that my stats here have dipped low­er than they have for a very long time and… I just can’t have that, now can I? I’m at a point, though, of not real­ly know­ing what I should write about. Still, …

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woman holding a camera to her eye in front of a white and yellow background

Adding a Website Snapshot Shortcode to WordPress

There isn’t any­thing quite so bor­ing as view­ing web­sites full of links. Link. Descrip­tion. Link. Descrip­tion. Link. Descr— Well, you get the idea. If you have such a list on your web­site, you might seek to spice them up with screen­shots to give a bit of pop to fur­ther encour­age your users to fol­low the links. But it …

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dartboard with a couple of darts stuck in it, but not in the bullseye

Missing the Point

Con­tent warn­ing: This post con­tains a pho­to­graph from a West­boro Bap­tist protest which is used as an exam­ple of what not to do. It con­tains lan­guage which is offen­sive. Over a decade ago, while I yet called myself a Chris­t­ian, I was onto some­thing good: a real­iza­tion that homo­pho­bic protests and oth­er­wise aggres­sive “evan­ge­lism” were no way to prop­er­ly show forth the …

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a bridge

A Tale of Two Worldviews

Chris­tian­i­ty is fas­ci­nat­ing. The sto­ries of the Bible, the mir­a­cles and teach­ings described through­out? It’s end­less­ly curi­ous, with more nuance than it is often giv­en cred­it for, par­tic­u­lar­ly among my fel­low unbe­liev­ers. Far too often, unbe­liev­ers pick up on car­i­ca­tures of Chris­tian­i­ty — shal­low exag­ger­a­tions or dis­tor­tions that can be eas­i­ly mocked in text­book exam­ples of the …

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close-up image of a woman wearing a hoodie and glasses with bright lights reflected in the lenses

How to Add a Site Name Shortcode to WordPress

A cos­mic cloud of gas­es con­dens­es under its own grav­i­ty, form­ing a star. Gen­er­a­tions upon gen­er­a­tions of sin­­gle-celled organ­isms lead to mul­ti-cel­lu­lar com­plex life. And your hum­ble blog has grown beyond its sem­i­nal inspi­ra­tion. Change hap­pens, and you don’t have to find your­self in a sit­u­a­tion where if you decide to change the name of your site, …

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A Salted Faith