Challenge Your Eyes with the Eyeballing Game

I have always fancied myself a pretty good eyeballer, and now there’s a test to prove it one way or another: the eyeballing game. I amazed myself at how good I did on some of the tests, and utterly disappointed myself on others. Either way, I was ahead of the curve. Where do you fall?

screenshot of the eyeballing game results of 3.7, where those results fall on a curve, and the top ten high scorers of the past 500 games

Update 2022 — I scored worse on the eyeballing game

I found this post while aimlessly browsing the archives here, and I couldn’t help but give the eyeballing game another try. The game tracks the time taken to play it now, which I think made me a little more anxious about my scores because…

I did worse. Actually, I was doing very well — most answers were pretty decent, with one being only half a unit off, but I messed up several, with scores of 6.0, 6.2, 8.1, and 11.7 units off.

This put me right on the curve.

screenshot of the eyeballing game results of 4.04, where those results fall on a curve, and the top ten high scorers of the past 500 games

If you play, throw your scores below!

This post was originally published 2009-02-13.

10 thoughts on “Challenge Your Eyes with the Eyeballing Game”

  1. Someone should make a version of this game with optical illusion overlays on top of the tests. Try finding the point of convergence when the straightest of lines looks like its curving! (It’s times like these I wish I knew how to do Flash.)

  2. This reminded me of gemoetry class…bisect the angle? I had forgotten what that meant! haha…Rick, I received a score of 11.17! I messed up a few times because I was trying to adjust it with the mouse to figure out where the lines should be and let go and clicked it accidentally. LOL But I never claimed to be a good eye-baller.

  3. I am very impressed with your 3.37.

    I just did a 3.71. I’ve done this in the past and I’m sure the 3.71 is the best I’ve managed.

    1. Well, the third time around this week, I managed a 4.08. The first two were 10 something!!

      Eyeballing would seem to be for the young. Of course, I wasn’t exactly young in 2009!

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