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  • Christmas 2017 Leads to Science!

    Christmas 2017 Leads to Science!

    The ear­li­est bits of this web­site date to 2003, fif­teen years ago. That’s near­ly half of my life! I keep telling myself that I need to tend to this site (cur­rent­ly called Dammit, Rick!, but who knows what it’ll be called next time I post here), but for the past few years, I’ve been objec­tive­ly lax […]

  • Contribute to the Frontiers of Science with Nothing but Your Smartphone

    Become a citizen scientist by donating the idle time of your smartphone to the search for cosmic rays, a search that ordinarily requires extremely expensive equipment.

  • Lab-Grown Meat: Mmm Mmm Good

    Lab-Grown Meat: Mmm Mmm Good

    Scientists are working on producing meat which is grown in a laboratory, mostly separating livestock from the food equation. Though the Bible allows all animals to be used for food, lab-grown meat would solve plenty of problems.

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