WordPress 2.6.5 Released, Includes Security Fix

If you don’t keep tabs on your blog’s dashboard very often, you may not have noticed that a new minor version of WordPress was released earlier today — WordPress 2.6.5 — which I encourage you to take a few minutes to apply to your site(s) today.

The major changes which have been announced are below, but you can view a complete change history at WordPress Trac.

  • Protection against a potential XSS exploit.

  • The functions update_post_meta and delete_post_meta have been updated to ensure proper functionality when working with post revisions; ensures that post meta, such as custom fields, are attached to a post itself rather than to a revision.

  • Updates to XML-RPC to ensure working with only the correct post types.

  • Fix an XSS issue with Atom and RSS feeds on certain hosting configurations.

(Source: WordPress 2.6.5 in Detail)

Upgrading is quick and painless, especially if you use the Automatic Upgrade plugin, so get it done as soon as possible!

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