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Yes, it has been quiet here.

Yes, there is a reason. I have been focusing my blogging attentions on my “other” domain:

New blog. New content. New visuals. All of the Kingdom Geek you’ve come to love.

I have my reasons for starting a new blog at the new domain, reasons which I’ll enumerate at another time on the new blog. Suffice it to say for now that I’ve learned a great deal in the past year and I want to challenge myself by applying those things to a new site. So far, I’m considering the “experiment” a resounding success, and the site is only yet in “soft release” — i.e., I’m nowhere near the point where I could consider it “mostly done.”

Subscribe to the new blog (Syndication Feed) if you’ve enjoyed this one, and I’ll see you there.

3 thoughts on “Now Blogging at”

  1. That would explain why I couldnt find some articles I saw in the feed but not here :p

    Are you going to port the posts from here and 301 this domain or keep them both?

  2. I might port over the good articles, but more than likely this blog will sit here indefinitely. I’m still gleaning things from two older blogs I’ve written which are online in a somewhat secretive place. :)

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