Who Has the Highest Grossing Filmography?

Add up the gross­es from every movie an actor has done. Com­bine the total earn­ings of all of Samuel L. Jack­son’s movies togeth­er… or all of Brad Pit­t’s, or the Gov­er­na­tor’s, or any­one else’s… and then rank the movies in order.

Who would you guess comes out on top?

I was sur­prised to see that Frank Welk­er, the orig­i­nal voice of galac­tic bad­die Mega­tron, topped the list. His movies — not account­ing for infla­tion — have grossed more than any­one else’s.

Grant­ed, that is very like­ly due to the sheer num­ber of movies he has been a part of. Still, he deserves cred­it; no oth­er voice actor has proven him­self quite like Welk­er has. It’s a shame that Michael Bay did­n’t trust the orig­i­nal Mega­tron to play the new Mega­tron in the recent Trans­form­ers movies. Still, it isn’t like Hugo Weav­ing was a bad choice. (And it’s worth not­ing that Welk­er was a part of the newest Trans­form­ers movie as oth­er char­ac­ters, and it does­n’t appear that his num­bers have been updat­ed to include the ridicu­lous amount of mon­ey being earned world­wide by Trans­form­ers: Revenge of the Fall­en. His spot at the top is secure.)

There were a cou­ple oth­er actors on the list which stood out. John Ratzen­berg­er is sit­ting pret­ty at spot #6, despite hav­ing a rel­a­tive­ly short fil­mog­ra­phy. Still, with all ten (soon to be 11) Pixar movies under his belt, plus the first two Super­man movies plus Star Wars: Episode V under his belt… Well, that adds up to some pret­ty darn decent money.

Anoth­er on the list that stood out is Stan Lee, at num­ber 17. The casu­al movie­go­er may nev­er have even known who Stan Lee is — or per­haps they only know him as the cre­ator of just about every Mar­vel char­ac­ter or any importance.

And there­in lies his claim to movie suc­cess: the man has been in most Mar­vel Comics-based flicks released in the past ten years. His fil­mog­ra­phy is quite short, but it’s packed with block­busters. The only Mar­vel movies that I don’t see on there are the sec­ond X‑Men movie, the Wolver­ine movie, and the Elek­tra movie.






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Rick Beckman