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Submitted for your reading pleasure, a wonderful blog started up by a commenter here by the name of “yes2truth,” all about why I am a false teacher / heretic / ungodly person. Or something.

Check It Out. I’m pretty sure a lot of it is simply libel while the other half is biblical illiteracy gone awry, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

I’m unsure whether a written response to “Rick Beckman – The progressive ‘Christian’ – Repent!” would be wise at the moment–I still haven’t gotten over the feeling of “fame” this has given me, and I’m not even sure where that feeling has come from. Maybe I’m just odd. :)

I’m sure I have at least one reader who will get a kick out of the Theology is Bunk blog, and if any of you remember his posts here on Timothy’s Burden, it’s just more of the same over at his blog.

I do want to thank yes2truth for posting what he did. I appreciate the publicity, and having it made that public that I am very opposed to someone who denies the Trinity can only be a good thing for me. God bless you for it.

Update: It should be noted that yes2truth includes quite a few quotes that I never said and which he doesn’t reference, but he uses them as I did say them and that they accurately reflect what I believe. I’m still in awe over this. Wow. Wow. Wow. … Also, though I said this has given me a sense of “fame,” I want to make it clear before anyone calls me on it… I don’t mean it has made me prideful, just that it has given me a “warm fuzzy feeling” that I can only describe as a feeling of notoriety. Thanks for reading.

Update II: My initial awe and amusement has given away to shock and sorrow. Reading yes2truth’s post, his replies to those who commented upon it… I fear for this man. It scares me that there may be people who believe him. It frightens me that he has nearly a dozen blogs where he lets his voice be heard. It scares me that in rejecting the true God of the Bible–who is the Father, Son, and Spirit eternally and simultaneously–he may be rejecting salvation.

Update III: I repent of the above deleted text. I reacted very immaturely regarding yes2truth’s article, and I apologize to everyone, including him. Yes2truth deserves to know that he is loved by the Savior and by me. I forgive him for misrepresenting me (the definition of “progressive Christianity” is not the definition I used here, nor do I know where he was getting his information from; I am also not a “man of tradition,” as he said several times, and have rejected quite a few traditions lately that I once held to quite firmly), and I do not wish to reply to his article concerning me until he goes back and repents of the libelous false testimony concerning me.

Expect a thorough reply to his website, though. The truth must be propogated, especially when men like yes2truth are using every method, including lying, to push their erroneous teachings.

6 thoughts on “Theology is Bunk… a blog”

  1. I couldn’t get past the fourth or fifth paragraph. Having someone so totally ridicule a rather good friend of mine is pretty enraging.

    I find it quite humorous that he started a blog based off ANOTHER blog. (“Jesus is a Liberal” put you under “Progressive Christian Blogs” although by “yes2truth”‘s definition of “Progressive Christian” you are anything but a “Progressive Christian”)

  2. Colin: Keep in mind what he says probably won’t make sense. He’s the same person who said the phrase “Sola Scriptura” is bad because it’s Latin and Latin is, according to him, the language of Satan and the Roman Catholic Church. So despite the fact that Sola Scriptura is a perfectly biblical concept, it loses point because of its name. He also uses many English words which came from Latin, so apparently it’s okay to derive things from Satan’s language, but not use it specifically.

    It really is a fascinating house of cards he has built for himself.

  3. I sent the following to yes2truth.

    Isa 48:16 (1) Come near unto me, hear this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; from the time that it was, there am I: and (2) now the Lord GOD, (3) and his Spirit, (1) has sent me.
    Isa 48:17 Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD your God who teaches you to profit, who leads you by the way that you should go.

    I did the counting for you. It would appear there is a triune holy ONE. (or something like this).


  4. Ben: Make no mistake about it, I am not sad about what yes2truth said to me. I’m sad for him because of what he is defending as “truth,” but that’s it. Thanks for the words of encouragement. :)

    Now I just need to blog something else so that the heavily edited message this comment is attached to isn’t #1 on my index anymore. :P

  5. Rick, first off let me say that I know somewhat how you feel and hope you don’t get discouraged by this. Second, I honestly think that this “hate blogging” is one way you can be sure that you’re making an impact in the blogosphere. I heard someone once say that you know you’re doing a good job blogging when people start bad-mouthing you. I hope that gives you a little bit of joy.

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