The Lost Cause Series

Brother James W. Knox has a new book available entitled The Lost Cause Series, which deals with sujects such as whether or not Christian men should wear neckties, whether or not alcohol should be drunk in moderation, Santa Claus, and so on.

Those chapters all have been released previously as booklets, but there is new material, including a look at giving versus tithing, modest apparel, and what the Bible says about music.

I’ve read and very much enjoyed all the previously released material in the past and have just finished reading the new material on music in the Bible.

A lot of the things Brother Knox said surprised me, for the simple fact that I didn’t expect it from him. A lot of the lessons were things I’ve said for quite some time now. And if you disagree with contemporary music, I suggest you read that chapter. And if you agree with contemporary music, I suggest you read that chapter.

It proverbially, if indirectly, lays waste to many of the claims of and regarding music while still calling those of us with more “liberal” views of music to be more responsible with it. And he echoed what I believe about contemporary music not belonging in church, but the reasons have nothing to with the love (or lack thereof) of the world.

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