Homosexuality and Genetics

If homosexuality is a result of genetics and people are born gay AND if evolution and natural selection is fact, then logically the homosexual gene wouldn’t have survived.

In fact, the only way for it to be passed on would have been through heterosexual “activities,” which certainly argues for it being the natural and proper “lifestyle.”

Thus, from a strictly evolutionary standpoint, where natural selection is law, homosexuality is a negative mutation, a bane to survival of one’s genes akin to infertility. And from a general religious (and certainly biblical) point of view, homosexuality is a sin.

Only a denial of both evolution and the Law of God could possibly justify the “rightness” of homosexuality.

Oh, and the fact that there are still homosexuals attests of two things: Either that homosexuality is not genetic, or that the mutant gene responsible for genetics is a recent development. However, since we know homosexuals have been around for thousands of years, we can eliminate the second option.

And so homosexuality is not genetic. Thus it is a choice, a choice which we are born with and similar to the choice to be a liar, a murderer, an idolater, a prostitute, an adulterer, a rebel, etc.

As a choice, it has a counter-choice, that of repentance of the sin. Jesus Christ asks for you to come to Him in faith and believe into Him. In being born again, you will be made new, baptized into Him, free to walk in newness of life. And through Jesus Christ, homosexuality (and lying, and murdering, and…) can be left behind as your old self is mortified daily by the power of Christ and the renewing of your mind through the Spirit and the word of God.

[Thanks, KenKienow. Via Shawn via IM]

3 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Genetics”

  1. By that theory, there would be no genetic based diseases that would prevent the continuation of a species through death prior to copulation, however that has been shown not to be true. A genetic base for homosexuality does not mean in any way that evolution is debunked, and one might wish to revisit gene theory to discover recessive genes and their potential impacts.

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