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How to Add a Site Name Shortcode to WordPress

A cos­mic cloud of gas­es con­dens­es under its own grav­i­ty, form­ing a star. Gen­er­a­tions upon gen­er­a­tions of sin­gle-celled organ­isms lead to mul­ti-cel­lu­lar com­plex life. And your hum­ble blog has grown beyond its sem­i­nal inspiration.

Change hap­pens, and you don’t have to find your­self in a sit­u­a­tion where if you decide to change the name of your site, you’ll need to find and replace poten­tial­ly hun­dreds of men­tions of the old name to keep your brand­ing consistent.

Most of my online projects suf­fer from many iden­ti­ty crises as I refine over and over again what it is I want to do with my online pres­ence. To save myself all of the trou­ble of labo­ri­ous­ly updat­ing ref­er­ences to my site’s title through­out all of a its con­tent, I start­ed using an incred­i­bly sim­ple Word­Press short­code to do the work for me.


There are mul­ti­ple ways in which you can add this short­code to your Word­Press instal­la­tion, among them:

  • Add the fol­low­ing code block to your the­me’s functions.php file.
  • If you’re using The­sis 1.8.5, add the fol­low­ing code block to your the­me’s custom_functions.php file.
  • If you’re using a cus­tom plu­g­in to hold your site’s cus­tomiza­tions, add the code block to it.
  • Last, you can ignore the code block alto­geth­er by down­load­ing this code block as a Word­Press plu­g­in, which can then be uploaded via your site admin pan­el’s Plu­g­ins → Add New page. 

The Code

 * [sitename] — Site name shortcode
 * @via
add_shortcode( 'sitename', function() { return get_bloginfo(); } );


Once installed, you can insert your site name into your con­tent by using [sitename] any­where where short­codes are processed, such as in any of your posts or pages.

Now, no mat­ter how many times you update your site’s title in Set­tings -> Gen­er­al, you can be assured that your con­tent will always refer to its cur­rent name!

If this short­code was use­ful to you, you might also appre­ci­ate one of my oth­er Word­Press tweaks, and of course, don’t for­get to like this page and share it with your fel­low WordPress’ers!

3 thoughts on “How to Add a Site Name Shortcode to WordPress”

  1. Great snip­pet — thank you for shar­ing! Only thing it does­n’t work for post titles. Any­way around that?

    1. Hey, Ace! If I under­stand it cor­rect­ly, you’re want­i­ng to have a short­code that you can use to dis­play a post or page’s title in the content?

      If that’s right, try this instead of the code above:

       * [title] — Content title shortcode
       * @via
      add_shortcode( 'title', function() { return get_the_title(); } );

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