A painting by Josef Untersberger of Jesus depicted as the good shepherd. He is knocking at a door while holding a lamb, with twelve sheep at his side.

Bible Verse that Says God Will Never Give Us More Than We Can Handle

Over the past thir­teen years, I have learned that some things will always remain a con­stant fact of life: tax­es, the over­whelm­ing loud­ness of tox­ic mem­bers of my fan­doms, and the fact that the most over­whelm­ing­ly pop­u­lar way for peo­ple to end up on this site via a search engine is by search­ing for “god nev­er gives us more than we can han­dle” or “god does­n’t give us more than we can handle.”

I can’t imag­ine that there aren’t many web­sites which address that phrase bet­ter than I ever could, but if you’ve reached this point, it’s because accord­ing to your search results and your choic­es made regard­ing them, there aren’t. I’m glad to have you here!

But… There is no such Bible verse! Disappointed?

I hope not.

But if you are? Look, I get it. You hear the phrase a lot, such as when things are get­ting rough in life. “Cheer up, sis­ter. God isn’t going to give you more than you can han­dle.” It’s repeat­ed so often by so many peo­ple that it not only rings true in the ears of Chris­tians but seems like it could eas­i­ly be a para­phrased Bible verse.

On the con­trary, the phrase has become a plat­i­tude, a Chris­t­ian meme which lacks in both sub­stance and originality.

And on top of that, it does­n’t reflect what the Bible teach­es about Chris­t­ian living.

Considering Stephen

The Book of Acts tells of Stephen, “full of grace and pow­er,” who “did great won­ders and signs among the peo­ple.“1 Despite being so high­ly regard­ed by God, he was stoned to death for his trou­ble.2 I real­ly like what Stephen did as he was being killed — he cried out to God, plead­ing with him to not hold the act against his attack­ers. Flash for­ward 2,000 years lat­er, and we find cer­tain stripes of Chris­t­ian jus­ti­fy­ing, if not cel­e­brat­ing, the pun­ish­ment of undoc­u­ment­ed immi­grants because to them, the mis­de­meanor of ille­gal­ly enter­ing the Unit­ed States is more impor­tant than any­thing else. Where is the grace of Stephen?

Any­way, I digress. Stephen, a man approved of God, was giv­en more than he could han­dle, lit­er­al­ly. The man died because he was a faith­ful ser­vant of God. He did­n’t live his life accord­ing to emp­ty plat­i­tudes, but accord­ing to a mes­sage which was vile to his hearers.

Just pri­or to his death, Stephen looked and saw Jesus stand­ing at God’s right hand.

This may sound crass, but not only will God not give you more than you can han­dle, he’s going to sit by and watch as you are bro­ken by what you are given.

From an out­side per­spec­tive, that is mon­strous. I can’t fath­om hav­ing the abil­i­ty to help some­one who is most assured­ly going to die but choos­ing instead to stand idly by as the last breath leaves their lungs.

How­ev­er, from a Chris­t­ian — or more specif­i­cal­ly, a bib­li­cal — per­spec­tive, the sit­u­a­tion fits with Jesus’ call for those who would fol­low him to deny them­selves, tak­ing up their own cross.3 The cross isn’t a minor incon­ve­nience or a tchotchke to be dis­played on a shelf, wall, or neck­lace; no, the cross is a tool of death. Bru­tal. Merciless.

Won­der­ing what the Bible says about not being giv­en more than you could han­dle is a dis­trac­tion from every­thing Jesus taught. Nowhere are his fol­low­ers told to give incre­men­tal­ly until that point that you think enough’s enough and then you can stop. Nowhere in the New Tes­ta­ment is it imag­ined that a Chris­t­ian would love a cushy mid­dle class life in sub­ur­bia, full of sweet tea, weed, and air con­di­tion­ing with no sign of spir­i­tu­al acts, let alone spir­i­tu­al suffering.

If your biggest wor­ries are how you’re going to pay the bills, you have for­got­ten what Jesus told you about not wor­ry­ing about your clothes, your food, your basic needs — that if you focus instead on seek­ing the king­dom of God, he would pro­vide for your needs.4

That seems to be the reward for liv­ing a life which is going to dri­ve those around you away, just as it did Stephen. For­tu­nate­ly, most peo­ple today aren’t like­ly to mar­tyr you — let’s take a moment to be grate­ful that despite reli­gion sur­viv­ing into the twen­ty-first cen­tu­ry, it has been tem­pered by humanism.

If you’re real­ly curi­ous what hap­pens when God gives you too much, I rec­om­mend read­ing John Fox­e’s Book of Mar­tyrs or even dc Talk’s mod­ern fol­low-up Jesus Freaks. Under­stand that if you’re not liv­ing your life in such a way that it is in con­stant threat of being killed, if the worst thing you have to put up with is an athe­ist from work who posts pro-choice and con­tent friend­ly toward “the gays” on their Face­book page, please, please rec­og­nize that you are liv­ing Chris­tian­i­ty on easy mode.

It isn’t a stretch to say that God wants you to take upon your­self more than you can han­dle — sac­ri­fic­ing more so that oth­ers don’t go with­out, giv­ing up friends and fam­i­ly for the sake of God’s king­dom, etc. Can you real­ly be said to be “tak­ing up your cross” otherwise?

If you are a Chris­t­ian, you are emphat­i­cal­ly called to live a life of suf­fer­ing; then and only then could it ever be said of you in any mean­ing­ful way that your life, like Stephen’s, is “full of grace and power.”

How­ev­er, if you instead choose a life with the free­dom to pur­sue your own inter­ests — such as ani­mé, video games, sex, rock and roll, nature con­ser­van­cy, pol­i­tics, macro insect pho­tog­ra­phy, or any oth­er pas­time which does­n’t fit the Bible’s ascetic vision of Chris­t­ian liv­ing — then I encour­age you to try human­ism, where­in you retain the free­dom to do good, but you no longer have the pres­sure to do so under any sort of eter­nal threat. After all, if you’re not going to do the Chris­t­ian thing whole hog, it is bet­ter that you just not do it at all!5

Wait, Maybe You Really Just Wanted a Bible Verse…

Okay, maybe you real­ly just want­ed the clos­est pos­si­ble verse to “God will nev­er give you more than you can han­dle” and all this com­men­tary has just been a waste of time.

You’re look­ing for 1 Corinthi­ans 10:13, and here it is from a vari­ety of Bible ver­sions as a reward for stick­ing around this long!

No temp­ta­tion has over­tak­en you except such as is com­mon to man; but God is faith­ful, who will not allow you to be tempt­ed beyond what you are able, but with the temp­ta­tion will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.

New King James Version

There hath no temp­ta­tion tak­en you but such as is com­mon to man: but God is faith­ful, who will not suf­fer you to be tempt­ed above that ye are able; but will with the temp­ta­tion also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

King James Version

No temp­ta­tion has over­tak­en you but such as is com­mon to man; and God is faith­ful, who will not allow you to be tempt­ed beyond what you are able, but with the temp­ta­tion will pro­vide the way of escape also, that you may be able to endure it.

New Amer­i­can Stan­dard Bible

No temp­ta­tion has seized you except what is com­mon to man. And God is faith­ful; he will not let you be tempt­ed beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempt­ed, he will also pro­vide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

New Inter­na­tion­al Version

No temp­ta­tion has tak­en you but such as is accord­ing to man’s nature; and God is faith­ful, who will not suf­fer you to be tempt­ed above what ye are able to bear, but will with the temp­ta­tion make the issue also, so that ye should be able to bear it.

Dar­by’s Translation

No temp­ta­tion hath tak­en you–except human; and God is faith­ful, who will not suf­fer you to be tempt­ed above what ye are able, but He will make, with the temp­ta­tion, also the out­let, for your being able to bear it.

Young’s Lit­er­al Translation

No temp­ta­tion has tak­en you except that which is com­mon to man; and God is faith­ful, who will not allow that you be tempt­ed beyond what you are able, but will, with the temp­ta­tion, also make the way out, that you may be able to endure it.

Recov­ery Version

What Do You Think?

You most like­ly end­ed up here because of some­thing you searched for; did this sat­is­fy your curios­i­ty? Do you still believe that God will pro­tect you from too great a bur­den? Share your thoughts and expe­ri­ences below, and as always, don’t for­get to like and share this post to broad­en the conversation!

Fea­tured image: The Good Shep­herd by Josef Untersberger.

  1. Acts 6:8, Recov­ery Version.
  2. Acts 7:54–60.
  3. Luke 9:23.
  4. Matthew 6.
  5. Rev­e­la­tion 3:15–16.





33 responses to “Bible Verse that Says God Will Never Give Us More Than We Can Handle”

  1. Rick Beckman Avatar

    Ben: I guess it depends on what one expects as an escape. The temp­ta­tion in ques­tion is cer­tain­ly temp­ta­tion to sin, and we know from James 1:13 that the Lord is nev­er the source of such temp­ta­tions. (Okay, that isn’t real­ly per­ti­nent to the ques­tion you asked, but I want­ed to include it in the orig­i­nal post but for­got, so I’m sneak­ing it in here.)

    We also know from 2 Peter 3:9 that the Lord knows how to deliv­er the god­ly from temp­ta­tions, which because the Lord is all-wise is rather obvi­ous. And last­ly, we’re instruct­ed to pray in such a man­ner as ask­ing to not be led into temp­ta­tion in the first place (Matthew 6:13).

    But when we do face temp­ta­tion, what can we do? Cir­cum­stances may not always allow us to flee, as Joseph did from Potiphar’s wife. If there is always an escape, what is it? You men­tioned hav­ing to bear through the temp­ta­tion, and the verse (1 Cor. 10:13) does men­tion that. The idea of escape and endurance is joined togeth­er, though. God pro­vides a means of escape so that we may endure it. I prob­a­bly should have touched on that more above. God does not promise a blink-of-an-eye, poof-and-you’re-else­where escape from sin, but rather the escape He pro­vides involves enabling us to bear through the temp­ta­tion, to face it with­out giv­ing into it.

    I would sup­pose Jesus epit­o­mized this when He resist­ed temp­ta­tion thrice in the wilder­ness. His escape which allowed Him to bear through each of them was the word of God.

    I could also see the giv­ing of more faith, the grant­i­ng of wis­dom, and oth­er such things as gifts from God dur­ing times of temp­ta­tion which would allow us to bear through them.

    And I’m a lit­tle bit in awe that you’re so high in MSN’s results list for Su Do Ku! With the pop­u­lar­i­ty of that puz­zle, such a rank­ing in the search engines is quite a feat. :)

  2. Ben Gray Avatar

    Heh. This is a good idea. Now I just need to respond to all those search­es com­ing in from MSN for Su Do Ku. I would dis­agree on one minor point though, unless I’m exeget­ing this verse incor­rect­ly (and frankly, that’s very pos­si­ble) it seems to me that Paul is say­ing that there will always be a way to bear through the temp­ta­tion, not that there will always be a way out. I say that to empha­size that some­times there’s not a way out or a way of escape and we’re forced for one rea­son or anoth­er to bear through the temp­ta­tion. Again, I don’t know that I’m 100% cor­rect. What do you think?

  3. Kurt Avatar

    I don’t have allot to say, but i came across this site after a Google search for “bible verse nev­er give up”. Before you ask, do a Google image search for “Nev­er Give Up”, and you will find a great pic­ture of a frog chock­ing a water bird try­ing to it him. Very amusing.
    And so I’m kind of on top­ic, Through God we can resist temp­ta­tion, but remem­ber, its not God who puts as through sitchu­a­tions we cant han­dle. He gives us strength to han­dle the sitchu­a­toin when we’re in trou­ble, if we accept His guidents. Not sure if that made sense…did to me.

  4. rick Avatar

    Thanks for the easy find! keep up the good work.

  5. katherine fedorchenko Avatar
    katherine fedorchenko

    I came upon this web­page while I was search­ing for the verse in the Bible which says that things will not always be this way. I was not suc­cess­ful in find­ing that verse, how­ev­er I found this page most inspir­ing. Maybe you could be kind enough to locate that verse I was try­ing to find? Thanks :)

  6. Dawn Avatar

    A key verse, found in Romans 8:37 states “Yet in all these things we are more than con­querors through Him who loved us.”
    The answer to ‘how’ is THROUGH HIM. If you don’t have faith in Jesus Christ, then under­stand­ing how to han­dle tri­als is prob­a­bly not going to make sense. When indi­vid­u­al’s have faith only in them­selves, answers and com­fort fall short. Man can­not han­dle life sucess­ful­ly with­out Faith in Jesus Christ the Son, the only per­son God and human.

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      You’re real­ly sug­gest­ing that all non-Chris­tians are mal­ad­just­ed, unable to han­dle the things life throws at them?

      Per­haps that’s why if there’s some­one com­plain­ing about cir­cum­stances on my Face­book feed, their reli­gion is most often set to “Chris­t­ian” or some vari­ety thereof.
      Per­haps that’s why since I’ve accept­ed athe­ism, I’ve found it eas­i­er to be joy­ful, with­out all the bag­gage of won­der­ing about cir­cum­stances and how they fit into a god’s plan.

      Sure, the Bible makes it seem like a life apart from God (what­ev­er his name is) isn’t real­ly worth liv­ing, but that’s not at all how life plays out in the real world.

  7. Crystal Avatar

    Thank you for this post. I searched this to prove the same point. :)

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      You’re wel­come. Curi­ous­ly enough, this is the most pop­u­lar post on this site by a huge mar­gin. It’s amaz­ing how many peo­ple search Google for this stuff.

  8. walt sears Avatar
    walt sears

    Hi Rick. The verse that answers this ques­tion for me is (1 Corinthi­ans 10:13). Try it!

  9. Kyle Latchaw Avatar
    Kyle Latchaw

    I have been writ­ing a paper on the sub­ject of sin and the acts of Free Will. What a top­ic let me tell you. I was using the inter­net to find vers­es ( I know just use a con­cor­dance) and yours popped up and was a great help. Thank You.

  10. LK Avatar

    “Sure, the Bible makes it seem like a life apart from God (what­ev­er his name is) isn’t real­ly worth liv­ing, but that’s not at all how life plays out in the real world.”

    The real world as in the life we lead here on Earth? This is not the “real world.” This is not the end. It is what hap­pens after our time here on Earth. This is but a blink of an eye. In the end is our beginning. 

    I think we are all giv­en an escape out of cir­cum­stances of temp­ta­tion we think we can­not han­dle. He gives us that, but whether we choose to uti­lize the escape route is up to us. The clos­er you become to God, I think the eas­i­er it is to know which path to take, and to trust and stand by the deci­sions you’ve made.

  11. Rick Beckman Avatar

    LK — This is very much the “real world”; it’s the only world we’ve got, the only one we’ll expe­ri­ence. (If there is some­thing after this life, there is no evi­dence of it, and thus no rea­son to live this life in antic­i­pa­tion of it.)

    Unless you’ve proven the exis­tence of anoth­er dimen­sion where­in our con­scious­ness­es take up res­i­dence after our bod­ies die, then you have embraced super­sti­tion and are very like­ly miss­ing out on the joys and expe­ri­ences which this one life affords us.

  12. Tribo Avatar

    I’m search­ing for the exact Bible pas­sage, but it seems there is none. So, does this mean that such a pas­sage is but an inter­pre­ta­tion of peo­ple on 1 Corinthi­ans 10:13?

    So, the Bible real­ly did not say that God would not give us chal­lenges that we can­not han­dle. That is just sad.

  13. Gabrielle Avatar

    Unfor­tu­nate­ly, there is no where in the Bible that says God will nev­er gives us more than we can han­dle. It would be very com­fort­ing if it did, but it does­n’t. Although, even though you said, “That is just sad,” I don’t know why you say that because Romans 6:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called accord­ing to his purpose. ”
    There­fore, even if God does give you more than you can han­dle, He will always be with you (Hebrews 13:5) espe­cial­ly in the hard times (Psalm 23:4).
    So don’t wor­ry about fac­ing hard times alone. By the way, a lit­tle bit of Bible triv­ia: Did you know that God direct­ly says “Do not [be afraid/fear] 365 times? He real­ly means it and He will stand by you.

  14. Ed Avatar

    “If there is some­thing after this life, there is no evi­dence of it, and thus no rea­son to live this life in antic­i­pa­tion of it.”
    Rick, it’s called FAITH…Christians don’t need EVIDENCE. I will pray that God will change your heart before you leave this earth.

  15. DP Avatar

    It takes a lot more faith to believe there is no god and there is plen­ty of evi­dence in the truth of that.
    This life is real. His joy, bless­ings and grace abound in it. And it is but a vapor in “time”. The life beyond is even more real as it will last for­ev­er. Our choic­es in this life will car­ry con­se­quences in the next.
    We are all made up of flesh, soul and spir­it. We have to begin to under­stand that before the next rev­e­la­tion can be understood.

  16. Rick Beckman Avatar

    Tri­bo: That inter­pre­ta­tion seems more like­ly. And it isn’t real­ly sad that God does­n’t promise that, unless reli­gion is meant as a guar­an­tee that believ­ers will nev­er face true chal­lenges. There are plen­ty of say­ings in the Bible which do exist, how­ev­er, which are far sadder.

    Gabrielle: The Bible often says “fear not” in ref­er­ence to God him­self; how­ev­er, Jesus says to fear he who can destroy both body and soul. Also, God did­n’t real­ly give any­body true rea­son not to fear him; he had a rep­u­ta­tion for strik­ing peo­ple dead for some real­ly pathet­ic reasons.

    Ed: Believ­ing some­thing is so does not make it so. Your state­ment car­ries no more or less weight than my say­ing that i have faith that there is an invis­i­ble, weight-less, non-cor­po­re­al, scent-free drag­on stand­ing out­side your door at all times. I don’t need evi­dence of it; after all, i have faith.

    Faith is not a mag­ic wand which makes things exist. Demand evidence.

    DP: It takes no more faith to be an athe­ist than it does to believe that there is not an invis­i­ble pink uni­corn float­ing some­where between here & Venus. The accep­tance of a god’s exis­tence ought to be sub­ject to the same sci­en­tif­ic rig­or as the exis­tence of, for exam­ple, germs. Until the point that there is real evi­dence for a god, there’s no rea­son to believe in one, espe­cial­ly to the point of devot­ing sig­nif­i­cant amounts of time to such a belief.

    “We are all made up of flesh, soul and spir­it.” Prove it.

  17. April Avatar

    What about Isa­iah 43:2–3?…

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      Sim­ple: The con­text of that pas­sage is to Israel. There’s no rea­son to pluck God’s promis­es to Israel out of con­text to apply them to Christians.

  18. Dave Avatar

    Nice arti­cle. I hope the next one is about the verse that says god nev­er clos­es a door with­out open­ing a window.

  19. KP 2 Avatar
    KP 2

    First off — this is a quote from Moth­er Tere­sa. It was meant more of humor with a reli­gious over­tone. “I know God will not give me any­thing I can’t han­dle. I just wish he did­n’t trust me so much.” Quote Moth­er Tere­sa. Since I’m not catholic, I’m not wor­thy of the state­ment she was mak­ing. How­ev­er, God gave me inde­pen­dence and free­dom of choice. I choose to be a believ­er in Christ and accept both extremes, Catholics and athi­ests. In the end, we will all come togeth­er and meet togeth­er next to God. Rick, as much as you want me to prove God to you, I want you to prove to me there is no God. Faith is a belief, not an absolute. You call your­self an athi­est, but you seem very con­cerned about prov­ing a non exis­tence of God. It seems to me, you could be sec­ond guess­ing your belief and search­ing for facts. How­ev­er, your claims are based on faith (or lack of faith) just as beliv­ers and fol­low­ers of God. Nei­ther you or I need to prove our belief of real­i­ty. What­ev­er gives you com­fort and sup­port was giv­en to you by God. A Gift from God through the Holy Sipirt. In our end, most peo­ple tend to ask for help and for­give­ness. We all have sinned or hurt oth­er peo­ple in some way. Before we leave we want to rec­ti­fy our wrong doings and make peace to be sure we leave on inno­cent terms. I pray you find your answers and estab­lish your rela­tion­ship with your cre­ator God. Thanks for your inter­est in the truth.

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      I’m not out to prove there is no God — that’s an impos­si­bil­i­ty. How­ev­er, if you want to claim there is a God, then the bur­den of proof is upon you. No one is expect­ed to prove, for instance, that uni­corns do not exist; how­ev­er, the moment some­one wants to believe in them, they are the ones that are required to prove their case.

      Dit­to UFOs, Big­foot, psy­chics, and so on. The bur­den of proof lies upon the one mak­ing the claim, not upon the skep­tics. So if you want oth­ers to believe in God or (even more extreme) ded­i­cat­ing their lives to God, then it is your respon­si­bil­i­ty to pro­vide proof to sup­port your claims.

      If you’re inter­est­ed in truth, step back from the pro­pa­gan­da (the Bible) and deal with hard evi­dence. You’ll quick­ly find that there is none for the exis­tence of the God of the Bible or any oth­er god for that matter.

      1. Koos Avatar

        Mat 24:1 And Jesus went out, and depart­ed from the tem­ple: and his dis­ci­ples came to him for to shew him the build­ings of the temple.
        Mat 24:2 And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? ver­i­ly I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon anoth­er, that shall not be thrown down.
        Mat 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the dis­ci­ples came unto him pri­vate­ly, say­ing, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy com­ing, and of the end of the world?
        Mat 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
        Mat 24:5 For many shall come in my name, say­ing, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
        Mat 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not trou­bled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
        Mat 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and king­dom against king­dom: and there shall be famines, and pesti­lences, and earth­quakes, in divers places.
        Mat 24:8 All these are the begin­ning of sorrows.
        Mat 24:9 Then shall they deliv­er you up to be afflict­ed, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hat­ed of all nations for my name’s sake.
        Mat 24:10 And then shall many be offend­ed, and shall betray one anoth­er, and shall hate one another.
        Mat 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
        Mat 24:12 And because iniq­ui­ty shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
        Mat 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
        Mat 24:14 And this gospel of the king­dom shall be preached in all the world for a wit­ness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. 

        All this have hap­pened or is hap­pen­ing now. Islam is con­sid­ered to be the largest reli­gion and the fastest grow­ing cur­rent­ly. In mod­er­ate mus­lim states, Chris­tians are allowed, but may not proze­lyte. In Islam­ic states, chris­tians are arrest­ed because they are chris­tians, mocked and some­times tor­tured (inter­est­ing that Roman Catholic/communist states, hin­dus and bud­dhists also do this — hat­ed by the world, said Yeshua) and in many cas­es killed. The war in Nige­ria is because islam does not allow a chris­t­ian gov­ern­ment to rule over mus­lims. You want phys­i­cal real-life proof of bib­li­cal proph­esy? Fol­low the world news and com­pare to what Yeshua said about the com­ing end times. You doubt Rev­e­la­tion 13? Food is the one sub­stance no man can go with­out. Islam demands all food be halaal to be sold. No man shall be able to buy food with­out the halaal mark.
        Or what about cash­less soci­ety? Cred­it and deb­it cards are all over the place, there are even places that refuse any oth­er form of pay­ment than elec­tron­ic. My girl­friend’s son used to work at a major bank. He said they were shown the microchip to be implant­ed, amaz­ing­ly small, it can actu­al­ly be inject­ed with a botox (for the vain). Cheque books are not issued any­more and paper cur­ren­cy is on the way out. Guess what? the chip works opti­mal­ly in the right hand and the fore­head. As the apos­tle John was shown near­ly two thou­sand years ago.

        Don’t live for now. This might be your final warn­ing. Yeshua was very right with His state­ment con­cern­ing the End of the World. Hope­ful­ly you still have time to repent.

  20. dawners Avatar

    Proof that God exists is all around us in our beings, nature and the universe.…also the writ­ten his­to­ry con­tained in the Bible. If you want proof that God does or does not exist, then just ask God to prove it to you…and He will.…He’s done it for many peo­ple through­out history.….BUT.…He he knows when or if that per­son actu­al­ly “cares or wants” to real­ly know the truth. If you can han­dle the Truth, God will show it to you. Many peo­ple spew that there is no God as what they are real­ly say­ing is “I don’t want the oblig­a­tion or respon­si­bil­i­ty to be account­able to a God”. They do not even believe them­selves rather they just don’t want to be expect­ed to put in “effort” into their own sal­va­tion. It is lazi­ness and fool­ish­ness at its peak. 

    I have met many a fool and many a denier sim­ply because they are afraid of per­son­al, moral and eth­i­cal account­abil­i­ty for them­selves. I will not waste my time pre­sent­ing an argu­ment for the obvi­ous, rather, would chal­lenge you to do your home­work your­self. Get hon­est with your­self and don’t expect your con­fu­sion, denial or apa­thy to be a point of so-called “debate”.

    If you are LOST.….please work at find­ing your own way home. Thank you :)

  21. dawners Avatar

    PS > God will always give us more than we can han­dle so that we KNOW we need Him. May the peace of Jesus Christ be with You all.

  22. Michelle Mueller Avatar
    Michelle Mueller

    1 Corinthi­ans 10:13.

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      Yep, 1 Corinthi­ans 10:13 was quot­ed half a dozen times in the post.

  23. Offor Chibueze Valentine Avatar
    Offor Chibueze Valentine

    There is a GOD. Believe it or not. If you want proof, then ask your­self why you are exist­ing today? What is the force behind human exis­tence? To me, that force is God. I’d love to know the opin­ions of the athe­ists on this one.

    1. Bobby Avatar

      God exists because humans have morals if there was­nt a god some­one above all then humans would­nt have morals no law just like in the world we live there is the gov­ern­ment and pres­i­dent we humans have to fol­low the laws of the land it’s like say­ing gov­ern­ment and pres­i­dents dont exist because if they didn’t they we wouldn’t fol­low no law we be out of con­trol it’s why god put laws and moral in a human so he doesn’t go on a ram­page killing and doing all sort of crazy things bc ur inner moral stops you but there are those that do evil because they ignore there inner con­scious and morals so they do evil god left humans to pick to have a choice. Now if you cre­at a box who is the cre­ator of the box you or you make a Car who is the mak­er of the car you now same thing with life there is a cre­ator noth­ing comes out of thin air the human body is way to per­fect cre­at­ed for a cre­ator not to exist .

  24. Nick Avatar

    There is a clear dis­tinc­tion between “not” being giv­en too much to “han­dle” and “not being giv­en too much “temp­ta­tion”. A sim­ple under­stand­ing of the eng­lish lan­guage pro­pounds this, with­out even a search into the Greek root words used by Paul.

    It clear­ly states he will not gives us too much “temp­ta­tion”. God is not the author of con­fu­sion. If he autho­rized Satan to ini­ti­ate more “temp­ta­tion” then we could han­dle, then what good was the Sac­ri­fice of our Lord? It would nul­li­fy it, as our alle­giance to God would be a moot point, because then it would indi­cate that not even the pow­er of the Blood and the whis­pers of the holy Spir­it could help us.

    The scrip­ture does *not* say that God will not put before us more than we can han­dle. In fact the scrip­tures affirm that it “rains on the just and the unjust”. Things hap­pen. Thats one of the many rea­sons why we need God. If noth­ing in life hap­pened that was more than we could han­dle then what need would we have of God?

    1. Nick Avatar

      An addi­tion­al note

      In proverbs it is made men­tion that one of the most igno­rant ques­tions that can be asked is “Why would God allow this to happen.…”

      Any­one who is hav­ing a hard time in life — i would sug­gest read­ing the book of Job and his story. 

      I ahve had my fair share of storms on my life. When i look back, espe­cial­ly in those days before the wool had been removed from my eyes, in most cas­es it is clear that i essen­tial­ly asked for those hard times due to my dis­obe­di­ence to God.

      A sta­ple scrip­ture for me in this area due to the sig­nif­i­cant amount of hard ship i have endured — “We know that all that hap­pens to us is work­ing for our good if we love God and are fit­ting into His plans.” [Romans 8:28] Look at Job. He lost his chil­dren, wife, home, ani­mals — his entire liveli­hood. To ask “why did this hap­pen express­es upmost igno­rance of the truth­ful sit­u­a­tion.” Did the chil­dren, wife, ani­mals, home… did they belong to Job or was he a Stew­ard for those things which belonged to God? A slow read will reveal that his fam­i­ly had giv­en them­selves over to idol­a­try and exces­sive par­ty­ing, etc. God did­nt “remove” them from Job to hurt him, but to help him. He then blessed him two fold? with more fam­i­ly, home, and livestock. 

      It all boils down to obe­di­ence and dis­obe­di­ence. Strive to “be per­fect as your father in heav­en is per­fect” and leave the rest to God. 

      Was at a funer­al not too long ago… so many were stat­ing “why God, why” — and their igno­rance was dis­played and their affin­i­ty for wor­ship of the dead was revealed. Instead of rais­ing their heads to the Father and thank­ing Him for the time they had with the indi­vid­ual, instead they blame God and yearn for the return of the dead. 

      “let the [spir­i­tu­al­ly] dead bury the [phys­i­cal] dead”

      Chris­tian­i­ty isnt a “do this” and “do that men­tal­i­ty”. It is a “renew­ing of the mind” where the will of the Father becomes your great­est desire.….

  25. Mike Avatar

    To the athe­ist I would sim­ply chal­lenge you to read ALL of the Bible with an open mind to the pos­si­bil­i­ty that God exists. After read­ing it in its entire­ty, and you still do not believe there are two spe­cif­ic pas­sages I would rec­om­mend that you reread care­ful­ly with thought­ful con­sid­er­a­tion. The first is Romans chap­ter 1 vers­es 18 to 32 and then reread all of Romans chap­ters 8 and 9. You must FIRST read ALL of the bible then reflect on those two pas­sages. After doing that you may indeed come to the con­clu­sion that Ronans 9:22 applies to you and that like Pharaoh your heart has been hard­ened by God as his judi­cial assess­ment of you. On the oth­er hand, if that is not the case then God will draw you to Him­self as He has done with a num­ber of promi­nent for­mer athe­ist ala Josh McDow­ell and Lee Stro­bel or you may go the path of Bart Ehrman. Try it and see where you land after com­plet­ing this exer­cise. Regard­less, it will indeed be an inter­est­ing jour­ney for you to under­take if you are real­ly inter­est­ed in the TRUTH regard­ing God. If not, then you are, as oth­ers have already stat­ed, just dis­play­ing a blind faith in your­self as your own god.

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