Obama vs. Himself

I can’t help but wonder on which things Obama will flip back on when/if he no longer has to worry about getting elected.

That’s two presidential elections in a row the Democratic Party has offered up a flip-flopper.

When one is inexperienced, one tends to go after a variety of sometimes contradictory things — this is true of young Christians (Ephesians 4:14), but of anyone, really.

Vote for someone who has the experience to stand by what he believes. If you don’t think that’s John McCain, don’t vote for him, but it sure as heck ain’t Barack Obama. (Source: Biblical Christianity)

1 thought on “Obama vs. Himself”

  1. The Avatar of Time

    Looks like this is getting to be an old post, but that’s a great video. There’s nothing quite like having a decisive, honest, and steadfast president is there? Too bad that’s not what we got…

    Usually you would have to ask three different people a question to get three different answers. With Obama you can just ask him the same question three times and get the same result.

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