Why I Voted for McCain

But Oba­ma is not that can­di­date. I do not believe a Chris­t­ian can moral­ly vote for Obama.

Why not? There are scores of rea­sons, but one is suf­fi­cient. Oba­ma’s advo­ca­cy for child-mur­der. His posi­tion is not inad­e­quate. It is not unac­cept­able. It is not defi­cient. It is not regret­table.

Oba­ma’s posi­tion on abor­tion is mon­strous.

You vote for him, you are com­plic­it. You have no excuse. You can nev­er look back at Hitler’s Ger­many and scold those who assist­ed his Hell­ish designs. You’re them. Dan Phillips of Bib­li­cal Christianity

The warn­ings have been sound­ed since the begin­ning of this elec­tion. I hope you did the right thing.






5 responses to “Why I Voted for McCain”

  1. Pat Avatar

    I do have to say, I have yet to see a Chris­t­ian respond to Oba­ma’s plan to decrease abor­tions through edu­ca­tion rather than leg­is­la­tion. To me, his plan is a plan that any­one can get behind. He said him­self: no one is “pro abortion.”

    I also wish Chris­tians would start to real­ize that abor­tion isn’t the only moral issue that Amer­i­ca and the world is fac­ing. 30,000 chil­dren die every day because of pover­ty around the world, and Amer­i­cans are com­plain­ing their retire­ment funds are being lost. Maybe rather than invest­ing in their future, they should have put their invest­ment in the king­dom by giv­ing to those in need.

  2. jay Avatar

    your com­ments are OUTRAGEOUS. You are show­ing very black and white think­ing. Peo­ple who sup­port abor­tion being legal does not mean they sup­port or encour­age abortions.…merely that they believe that is an indi­vid­ual right that peo­ple may have. The vast major­i­ty of peo­ple who believe that abor­tion should be legal do not have abor­tions. right? i mean this is com­mon sense. Also your par­tic­u­lar reli­gion may say that life begins at birth but that’s an opin­ion that is obvi­ous­ly debat­able. i think every­one agrees that a fer­til­ized egg is poten­tial for life, but c’mon.
    i’m sick and tired of reli­gious peo­ple being extreme­ly hypocritical…

    if you don’t believe abor­tion should be legal, fine…but then sup­port things that will reduce the num­bers of abor­tions. like sex education.

    it works…

  3. Baz Avatar

    I agree with Jay. To reframe the issue, abor­tion isn’t an either/or; it’s not Pro Life v. Pro-Choice.

    Rather, it’s Pro-Choice v. Anti-Choice. The choice isn’t about end­ing a life/non-life. It’s about whether or not the fed­er­al or state gov­ern­ments have a role to play in a wom­an’s rights to repro­duc­tive choices.

    The gov­ern­ment should tell you which church to join or what reli­gion to fol­low, should it? Then why should it be afford­ed the pow­er to direct oth­er per­son­al choices?

    I’ve nev­er met a ‘Pro-Choice’ indi­vid­ual who likes abor­tion. No one likes abor­tion. It’s not about con­ser­v­a­tive or lib­er­al, Chris­t­ian or non-Christian.

    It’s about the role of gov­ern­ment in your pri­vate affairs.

  4. 100 Avatar

    Bib­li­cal life starts at birth and abor­tion is nev­er regard­ed as the tak­ing of life in the bible (not pun­ish­able by death makes that pret­ty clear) so this should be a non-issue, but must be one in order for those who don’t to live Chris­t­ian lives (repub­li­cans) to get votes from folks eas­i­ly mis­led by pas­tors manip­u­lat­ing lazy (non bible read­ing) clergy.

    You’ll note 8 years of Repub­li­can rule has done noth­ing to change abor­tion pol­i­cy in the States. Even over­turn­ing Roe would­n’t reduce abor­tions. It’s a fake vot­ing issue.

    But if you want few­er abor­tions and most of us do, then Oba­ma’s your guy. If you want some­one pan­der­ing for your vote on an invent­ed “chris­t­ian” issue vote McCain.

    Also if you want poli­cies that would then help take care of that baby then you’d have to sup­port Obama.

    From a Chris­t­ian point of view, it’s pret­ty much impos­si­ble to vote republican—especially if the teach­ings of Christ are your focus.

    You’ll note, Christ was a “wealth dis­trib­u­tor” with “ques­tion­able friends” and was lib­er­al bor­der­ing on socialist.

    In gen­er­al I think it helps to stick with what Christ says and ignore what rich politi­cians tell you, some­thing about the repub­li­can poli­cies of wealth con­cen­tra­tion just does­n’t square with the scrip­ture I’ve read.

  5. Rick Beckman Avatar

    I’m not going to argue with any­one over this; I’ll sim­ply stick with the Scrip­tures: The Lord hates those who shed inno­cent blood.


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