Why I Voted for McCain

But Obama is not that candidate. I do not believe a Christian can morally vote for Obama.

Why not? There are scores of reasons, but one is sufficient. Obama’s advocacy for child-murder. His position is not inadequate. It is not unacceptable. It is not deficient. It is not regrettable.

Obama’s position on abortion is monstrous.

You vote for him, you are complicit. You have no excuse. You can never look back at Hitler’s Germany and scold those who assisted his Hellish designs. You’re them. Dan Phillips of Biblical Christianity

The warnings have been sounded since the beginning of this election. I hope you did the right thing.

5 thoughts on “Why I Voted for McCain”

  1. I do have to say, I have yet to see a Christian respond to Obama’s plan to decrease abortions through education rather than legislation. To me, his plan is a plan that anyone can get behind. He said himself: no one is “pro abortion.”

    I also wish Christians would start to realize that abortion isn’t the only moral issue that America and the world is facing. 30,000 children die every day because of poverty around the world, and Americans are complaining their retirement funds are being lost. Maybe rather than investing in their future, they should have put their investment in the kingdom by giving to those in need.

  2. your comments are OUTRAGEOUS. You are showing very black and white thinking. People who support abortion being legal does not mean they support or encourage abortions….merely that they believe that is an individual right that people may have. The vast majority of people who believe that abortion should be legal do not have abortions. right? i mean this is common sense. Also your particular religion may say that life begins at birth but that’s an opinion that is obviously debatable. i think everyone agrees that a fertilized egg is potential for life, but c’mon.
    i’m sick and tired of religious people being extremely hypocritical…

    if you don’t believe abortion should be legal, fine…but then support things that will reduce the numbers of abortions. like sex education.

    it works…

  3. I agree with Jay. To reframe the issue, abortion isn’t an either/or; it’s not Pro Life v. Pro-Choice.

    Rather, it’s Pro-Choice v. Anti-Choice. The choice isn’t about ending a life/non-life. It’s about whether or not the federal or state governments have a role to play in a woman’s rights to reproductive choices.

    The government should tell you which church to join or what religion to follow, should it? Then why should it be afforded the power to direct other personal choices?

    I’ve never met a ‘Pro-Choice’ individual who likes abortion. No one likes abortion. It’s not about conservative or liberal, Christian or non-Christian.

    It’s about the role of government in your private affairs.

  4. Biblical life starts at birth and abortion is never regarded as the taking of life in the bible (not punishable by death makes that pretty clear) so this should be a non-issue, but must be one in order for those who don’t to live Christian lives (republicans) to get votes from folks easily misled by pastors manipulating lazy (non bible reading) clergy.

    You’ll note 8 years of Republican rule has done nothing to change abortion policy in the States. Even overturning Roe wouldn’t reduce abortions. It’s a fake voting issue.

    But if you want fewer abortions and most of us do, then Obama’s your guy. If you want someone pandering for your vote on an invented “christian” issue vote McCain.

    Also if you want policies that would then help take care of that baby then you’d have to support Obama.

    From a Christian point of view, it’s pretty much impossible to vote republican—especially if the teachings of Christ are your focus.

    You’ll note, Christ was a “wealth distributor” with “questionable friends” and was liberal bordering on socialist.

    In general I think it helps to stick with what Christ says and ignore what rich politicians tell you, something about the republican policies of wealth concentration just doesn’t square with the scripture I’ve read.

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