Logo Launches

“I’ll be right back, Honey; I’m going to go check on dinner,” the child’s mom says to her as she stands to leave the room.

“Do you mind if I turn on a cartoon instead of the news, Mommy? It’s booorrring,” the child asks, reaching for the controller.

“Go right ahead, Dear.”

The child begins pressing the “Chan Up” button in hopes of finding something a bit more entertaining than the evening news and for what seemed to her the millionth rerun of it.

A few moments pass, however, and the mother returns to find her child staring curiously at a sight unknown to her: men kissing other men like Mommy kisses Daddy.

The mother’s jaw drops in horror at what her child has innocently stumbled upon, enough exposure to sin to perhaps even plant the seed for that particular sin within the child.

Such an accidental event will likely become even more popular when, in less than one hour from now, MTV Networks launches its new network, Logo. I have no idea which cable providers will carry it, but it is intended for basic cable, making it even more accessible to the populace.

Thankfully, as of yet, Comcast has not yet added Logo to its lineup of basic or premium cable (at least not in my area).

Financially, I have had doubts as to whether I will even have cable television when I move out on my own here soon, and this very bold, very (shall I say it?) proud move by MTV Networks and the homosexual community may seal the deal for me.

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