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When I have a family, I want to be able to protect them when they are online. I’ve been considering Internet filtering, and I’m taking suggestions, though I am leaning toward a filter offered by American Family Online.

Definitely giving some thought to, when I have a family, investing in AFO web filtering.

I generally have a personal policy against using filters as for my own tastes they can be overzealous at times. A language-matching filter, for instance, may block a legitimate Christian discussion on sexuality of a nature no more graphic than the Song of Solomon.

However, I’ll be content with the override password, assuming it has one, and I will be much more at ease knowing that my future children will be protected from all manner of Internet dangers.

If anyone has any experiences with this particular filter or if you can recommend any others, please share!

Note: I’ve since fallen in love with OpenDNS!

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