I am Thankful

I’ve only a few min­utes left of Thanks­giv­ing to get this in, but how could I leave out an oblig­a­tory hol­i­day post? And believe it or not, I won’t rant about this one.

Sim­ply put, I am thank­ful. And I’m not just thank­ful because of what I have; I’m thank­ful because of who has giv­en them to me. Who am I that God has cho­sen to give me all these good things? Who am I to deserve any of it?

It is by His grace that I have received these which I do not deserve. That is why I’m thank­ful. Lord, thank you…

For a lov­ing a fam­i­ly, scat­tered about as they may be. From my won­der­ful wife Ali­cia, Mom and her fiancée, my sis­ter, Dad and my step-fam­i­ly, my extend­ed fam­i­ly, and my in-laws. I have a great rela­tion­ship with every­one, and I love all of them.

For a knowl­edge of Jesus Christ, and His sac­ri­fice that He made for me… And for know­ing that my soul rests safe­ly in hands which will guide me to Heav­en one sweet day.

For a job that I can enjoy and that pro­vides for my wife and I.

For friends of all sorts, scat­tered all over the world. Some I may not talk to often, and oth­ers I see almost dai­ly. You all are great!
For the Fel­low­ship Hall, the best Chris­t­ian mes­sage board on the Internet.

For blue­grass music, Star Trek, Word­Press, phpBB, and dark chocolate.
And yes, even for my blog, which Google seems to think is important…

This was a hur­ried list ’cause I’d like to have it on Thanks­giv­ing Day with­out cheat­ing by edit­ing the dat­e­stamp, but I hope I haven’t for­got­ten any­thing too impor­tant. If I have, for­give me!

Thank you, Jesus! You tru­ly are gracious!






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Rick Beckman