META Refresh, something to keep in mind

If you use a META Refresh tag on your web­site to reload the con­tent after a cer­tain amount of time, make sure it is absolute­ly nec­es­sary. Get­ting the idea from a theme I was check­ing out for Word­Press, I decid­ed to add a 30 minute refresh to my blog, sim­ply to make sure users idling on the site would have updat­ed con­tent, if available.

My Dad, thank­ful­ly, tipped me off to the fact that the refresh was able to trig­ger his dial-up con­nec­tion to start dial­ing. Not exact­ly desired behav­ior at all!

So do your dial-up users a favor and don’t use META Refresh. I know I would­n’t want this site to be respon­si­ble for some­one’s Inter­net inad­ver­tant­ly dial­ing in and remain­ing active for long peri­ods of time unat­tend­ed, if there were phone or usage charges involved!

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Rick Beckman