How to Survive an Alien Attack

Perhaps not quite as important as knowing how to remain secure against a raptor attack, here are some humorous tips on how to survive an alien attack, courtesy the folks of and based on some of the great alien feature films to come out of Hollywood:

The likelihood of any of us ever having the opportunity to meet a truly alien, or extraterrestrial, species is… well, it’s an unlikelihood more than anything. I’d love for it to occur, for humanity to realize finally that we really aren’t alone in this universe.

Will the aliens be peaceful? Of course, we hope that they are. But I’m a white male — I know all too well that there are a great many white males who will see the aliens as an “other” that must be distrusted at best and which must be wiped out so that we can enjoy their technology at worst.

It’s also possible that the aliens will be so far evolved that they’ll look at us the same way we do primates in a zoo — a novelty to maybe gawk at… or perhaps an obstacle on their quest for resources.

Or maybe they show up in our solar system, harvest our sun, and humanity dies on a frozen Earth, completely oblivious as to why our sun went dark.

What do you think? What sort of contingency plans should we as a society have in place for meeting intelligent life that is truly beyond? Or on a more personal level, are there any things we could do among our own families and communities to not look as though we’re either too unworthy to contact or too insignificant to preserve? Share your ideas below, or get creative with your ideas at the forum!

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