Gearing Up for “Pink for October”

I’m uncer­tain whether I’ll be going Pink for Octo­ber this year for Breast Can­cer Aware­ness. In keep­ing with my use of Vlad’s wall­pa­pers for the head­er images, I could use a por­tion of The Two and the Valen­tine for Octo­ber’s head­er. Not much vari­ety in the way of pink one’s over at Vlad’s place, unfortunately!

How­ev­er, as a ser­vice to Chris­t­ian blog­gers who may wish to dis­play a Bible verse per­tain­ing to, ahem, breasts — and for the ben­e­fit of a read­er who was sur­prised to find out the Bible speaks about such things :P — here’s a .… list of applic­a­ble verses:

  • On the Bless­ing of Chil­dren: From the God of your father who helps you, And by the Almighty who bless­es you With bless­ings of heav­en above, Bless­ings of the deep that lies beneath, Bless­ings of the breasts and of the womb. Gen­e­sis 49:25
  • On Breast­feed­ing: “Why did the knees receive me, And why the breasts, that I should suck?” Job 3:12
  • On Yah­we­h’s Work­ing in Infants: Yet Thou art He who didst bring me forth from the womb; Thou didst make me trust when upon my moth­er’s breasts. Psalm 22:9
  • On Mar­i­tal Sat­is­fac­tion: Let your foun­tain be blessed, And rejoice in the wife of your youth. 19As a lov­ing hind and a grace­ful doe, Let her breasts sat­is­fy you at all times; Be exhil­a­rat­ed always with her love. Proverbs 5:18,19
  • On the Beau­ty of Breasts: “Your two breasts are like two fawns, Twins of a gazelle, Which feed among the lilies.” Song of Solomon 4:5
  • Again, On the Beau­ty of Breasts: “Your two breasts are like two fawns, Twins of a gazelle.” Song of Solomon 7:3
  • More on the Beau­ty of Breasts, and More: “Your stature is like a palm tree, And your breasts are like its clus­ters. 8I said, ‘I will climb the palm tree, I will take hold of its fruit stalks.’ Oh, may your breasts be like clus­ters of the vine, And the fra­grance of your breath like apples, 9And your mouth like the best wine! It goes down smooth­ly for my beloved, Flow­ing gen­tly through the lips of those who fall asleep.” Song of Solomon 7:7–9
  • Still More.. Ah, You Get the Pic­ture: “I was a wall, and my breasts were like tow­ers; Then I became in his eyes as one who finds peace.” Song of Solomon 8:10

And there are still more. We have vers­es galore about breast­plates. We find out that God formed us, even our breasts. We learn of the mis­for­tune of those who are cursed with dry breasts and a bar­ren womb. And when learn­ing of the idol­a­try of Samaria & Jerusalem, we are told that “…they played the har­lot in Egypt. They played the har­lot in their youth; there their breasts were pressed, and there their vir­gin bosom was han­dled” (Ezekiel 23:3). Yikes. I trust no one will be putting that one up for Octo­ber, unless you are feel­ing real­ly irk­some toward your visitors.

It is inter­est­ing, though, for how Vic­to­ri­an Chris­tians are “sup­posed” to be regard­ing sex­u­al­i­ty, our guide & rule in life treats the top­ic as a nat­ur­al & vital aspect of human­i­ty. Inher­ent in our cre­ation by God is that we are sex­u­al beings. And I’m pret­ty sure we were nev­er meant to stut­ter, gig­gle, and blush our­selves through the read­ing of Song of Solomon. (Sure, its com­par­isons might seem “for­eign” to us, but rest assured, the Shul­lamite woman being praised in that song was being praised as noth­ing short of their day’s equiv­a­lent of being “the bomb.”

All Scrip­ture quo­ta­tions above are from the NASB.

2 thoughts on “Gearing Up for “Pink for October””

  1. Crazy Cars Lady #2

    Wow-you know a lot about this! You amuse, I mean amaze, me all the time with your hid­den knowledge :)

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