A Few Changes ’round These Parts

It’s been a busy cou­ple of days! We’ve changed hosts result­ing in a boost in site respon­sive­ness, mon­e­tary sav­ings, and a huge boost in avail­able space and band­width. I’ve also hap­pi­ly brought back the Beck­man Min­istries index page which has been AWOL since Octo­ber or Novem­ber of last year.

The head­er here has got­ten a facelift thanks to sev­er­al pieces of art­work. After giv­ing up on find­ing any free-to-use imagery that looked nice, I dove into the world of clas­si­cal art and did­n’t look back. There are sev­er­al pieces in use for the head­er; refresh the page a few times to see ’em if you like art enough to care!

The “spon­sored links” which were under­neath the first post of every page have been moved to the side­bar to improve the flow between posts as well as between posts and their comments.

A while back I post­ed about how I could­n’t get the theme here to play nice­ly. That was tak­en care of by rein­stalling all the theme files. When in doubt… Wipe the slate clean and start again!

And it’s spring (well, the cal­en­dar says it is… weath­er-wise, it’ll be spring when­ev­er God wants it to be!), which means for many peo­ple “spring clean­ing.” The per­fect time to spend count­less hours tin­ker­ing around on my sites under the guise of opti­miza­tion! Mwa­ha­ha­ha. Or, more like­ly, I should prob­a­bly go through my books and pick some out to get rid of — there are plen­ty that I sim­ply have no use for… books that I have here sim­ply because I got them for mere pen­nies from library book sales where you can pick up books not indi­vid­u­al­ly but by the gro­cery bag full! I already have a small stack in front of me which I’ll be tak­ing into work for our break room.

I’m also addict­ed to Face­book, or at least the joy that comes with recon­nect­ing with some­one I haven’t spo­ken to in over five years!

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Rick Beckman