an evolving Christian conversation

Yes, yes, I know I’ve been fairly quiet on here lately, and when I do post chances are it isn’t going to be in line with “Timothy’s Burden” — much like this post won’t be as well. My creative juices just haven’t been flowing lately, to my annoyance, and I’d prefer not to force myself through a doctrinal or devotional writing if I can’t be wholly creatively committed to it. Know what I mean?

I took some time yesterday & did an audit on The Fellowship Hall — removing some unnecessary modifications, adding back some I like to have but had forgotten about, and uninstalled all anti-spam modifications save for the only one that has worked with 100% efficacy for me: (shameless plug) Raven’s Antispam.

I’ve also been playing around with what direction I’d like the Hall to move in. I’m loving the idea of “conversational Christianity,” though don’t ask me to define that. I can’t get the concept of praxis out of my mind (both in its “secular” and its Eastern Orthodox usages, actually), and I suppose I can blame Shawn for that, who once (but apparently not anymore) had a site up at

So with all of that in mind, the concept of “an evolving Christian conversation” stuck with me, and it is still heavy on my thoughts. I confess I have no idea what to do with it, though. In the Bible “conversation” is so much more than what we say — it’s what we do, how we live… It’s our culture, our lives, our reality — both here & in Heaven.

The Fellowship Hall - an evolving Christian conversation

My wonderful wife Alicia put together a nice new masthead logo incorporating the thought, for which I am thankful.

And I find myself left with a community of almost 300 men & women — pastors, missionaries, webmasters, Bible senders, students, singers, artists, and more — and what I can only call an incomplete dream — or rather a title for a dream I’m hoping will come.

1 thought on “an evolving Christian conversation”

  1. Sorry Rick, I know this is wholly irrelevent to the purpose of this post. But, I just wanted to share and I couldn’t find the appropriate post for it.


    Today at school I am suffering some kind of “Silent Day” where supporters of gay rights are staying quiet in order to represent the years of abuse and prejudice against homosexuals and bisexuals. Please be praying that this movement will fail in every attempt.

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